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  1. mike barrett

    FL workers comp scope of work code

    Does anyone know the pressure washing scope of work code for FL ?
  2. mike barrett

    John T explains why

    John T explains why he started the attacks "Hey Shane what makes this a big deal if I no longer belong to this org is that that there Pres. and VP and at least 1 of there BODs have attacked what where doing in Vegas. I told one of those knuckle heads that they keep attacking us then when they...
  3. mike barrett

    Big thank you to David Styles

    This mourning my truck broke down and left me stranded on the way to a job. So who to call for help but my competitor David Styles with High Tide cleaning. David was taking the day off to spend time with his family but came to help me and drive me to get a replacement battery. Thank you David...
  4. mike barrett

    Paver stains

    I had a customer call me that had their lawn maintenance company spray their pavers with a herbicide. They now have yellow stains on the pavers. The lawn company said it would fade away in a week or two, well it's been two weeks and the stains are still there. I tried cleaning with my surface...
  5. mike barrett

    Concrete damage!

    I went and looked at a customers driveway last week, he used Scotts fertilizer and didn't blow his driveway off after applying the Scotts. It's been raining every day in FL, so now he has rust stains. Itold him no problem I have a product that removes the rust stains. He than explained that he...
  6. mike barrett

    Shoulder injury

    I was wondering how many of us have had shoulder injury's from pressure washing? My right shoulder starting to bother me around the first of October, by Oct. 15th it hurt all the time. So I went to a orthopedic doctor ( recommended by my primary care doc) he thought it might be a muscle strain...
  7. mike barrett

    White smoke from burner

    I have an Alkota hot water machine, 4305 13 hp Honda 4gpm 3500 psi. It's just started blowing white smoke when I let go of the trigger or the thermostat cycles. When the burners on no smoke, let off on the gun and white smoke for about 5 seconds (smells like unburned fuel). Any ideas? Fuel...
  8. mike barrett

    Honda muffler failure!

    I have a 24 HP Honda that I bought in Dec. 09 i guess I have about 300 Hrs. on it, this week I noticed the engine sounded louder than normal. Yesterday it got real loud and I found the heat sheild was starting to come loose. The heat sheid is spot welded on at the four coners. Two of the welds...
  9. mike barrett

    * GPM 3000 PSI cold water Udor

    I am looking for a Udor GKC-30/20 Gr 8gpm, 3000 psi cold water machine. I like Honda engines but am open to a different brand. I am looking to buy in the next few weeks. Mike