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  1. 814jeffw

    Filling Another Gap,...Maybe?

    I have been considering something I know others have done in the past,.and I think some still do. Except I'm gonna add a twist to it via my remote unit. I've seen many talk about force feeding a downstream injector to get a stronger concentration,..especially with 8-10 GPM. I never had much...
  2. 814jeffw

    Easy Start Valve

    I was looking through old threads and came upon something that led me to something else, Ha,Ha,.. I was noticed some people use easy start valves,.it is a valve that threads into the un-used outlet of the PW pump, sorta acts like a decompression valve acts on a gas engine like bigger chain...
  3. 814jeffw

    8 GPM Nozzle with 10 GPM Pump

    I am contemplating switching to 10 GPM this season. I have a rotating nozzle that I use about a handful of times a year, is rated for 8 GPM. Will using this nozzle, or any other nozzle that is a bit smaller hurt the pump in any way? I don't care about the flow loss with the 8 GPM...
  4. 814jeffw

    chemical transfer/siphon pump

    This past season I used a 12V 5 GPM Seaflo pump for transferring. I made a wooden box that holds the pump along with it's own battery. (Just a small wheelchair battery is needed) I soldered a plug on the battery and it comes out the back of the box,..and that plug corresponds with one I have...
  5. 814jeffw

    10 GPM Through 200' x 3/8" Hose

    As I understand it, running 10 GPM through 200' x 3/8" hose doesn't utilize the full capacity of a 10 GPM pump. My question is this: Are both the flow and PSI restricted or just one or the other? Thanks, Jeff
  6. 814jeffw

    Calcium Hypochlorite

    Ok,..for those who may be interested in Calcium Hypochlorite, is a picture of a test spot I did on a shed roof on a property today,..I was doing the whole house roof,..which was huge,..and while I was waiting for the roof to dry from the heavy fog we had here this morning,....I decided to...
  7. 814jeffw

    Calcium Hypochlorite

    So I decided to mess around with some CH once again,..I used it years ago,..probably around 2004? I was always able to make it work,..more hassle than SH obviously but I used it to do alot of work back then,..and those roofs done with it in particular stayed clean for a longer time than roofs...
  8. 814jeffw

    12V Hand Held Sprayer

    Hey Christopher,..I changed the routing of the hoses in both sprayers shortly after the pictures were taken,..they now both come out the front,.. above the jug. Much better than out the side like the pictures show. I also use lightweight, clear vinyl hose from Ace Hardware and it has...
  9. 814jeffw

    12V Hand Held Sprayer

    Here is a picture of the inside and also the switch and charging plug to the battery,..,..fairly straight forward. The wooden one is the same inside. And everything is soldered and dielectric greased. That little twist in the draw hose isn't as bad as it looks,..Ha,Ha,...I really didn't even...
  10. 814jeffw

    Pump setup

    You need lower GPM for applying sealer. more like 1 GPM would suit your needs. And one of those TSC tanks is gonna be a PITA when it comes time to spray another product. How are you gonna rinse it out? If you put your own rig together as a pump and battery and hose, can simply use a...
  11. 814jeffw

    Mold From Sunscreen On Resin Chairs

    I did a job (2) years ago on about 100 pieces of pool furniture at a country club. When I looked at it originally,. I seen the mold on the resin chairs and thought it looked odd, big circular blobs of mold,..but still thought is was "just mold",...long story short,..even 12.5% wouldn't...
  12. 814jeffw

    Chain Jumping On Titan?

    Titan electric reel sounds like the chain is jumping. I need to tighten it,..It looks as though the motor bolts are likely slipping in the slots,..So I guess they need loosened and then the motor pushed against to tighten the chain,..and then tighten the bolts. This is fairly rudimentary,..but I...
  13. 814jeffw

    Remote DS Unit

    Heres a picture of my backup remote. Testing it was flawless,..worked everytime behind my own house at about 150',..BUT,,.that is all the further I went,'s the same remote as the other that reaches 300' through houses without issue, I didn't feel it needed to be tested at a longer...
  14. 814jeffw

    Remote DS Unit

    I put together a remote for my soap injector. VERY easy to build,..and gratifying as well. Also less than $100.00. Used the DEMA481P solenoid and an RS101 remote. Gonna be a welcome addition, I can see the value it's gonna bring. Been messing with it and it works extremely well,..I will...
  15. 814jeffw

    12V Hand Held Sprayer

    Thought I'd share a project I've been working on, As you all know,..especially the guys who do other things than roofs,..there is always a need for a small spot sprayer. A pump sprayer works very well to fill that void. Last season I put together a 12V hand truck rig as a gap filler for jobs...
  16. 814jeffw

    Scratching my head on EPDM vs VITON with SANTOPRENE Diaphragms

    As I'm delving into the World of 12V pumps for various applications,..I am running into a a couple of questions I keep asking myself. Most of these pumps seem to use VITON or EPDM valves with Santoprene diaphragms? EPDM seems to have a decent rating for a wide range of cleaners that are used...
  17. 814jeffw

    Running Two Feeds To Hose Reel

    I made a remote control unit for my soap,..the soap injector is connected to the reel,..But,..I also want to be able to bypass the injector when running a surface cleaner. Last two seasons I've used the by-pass valve and it worked well. I don't have room for that thing with the new design,..I...
  18. 814jeffw

    Accumulator Tank

    If running a Delavan 5850 with an accumulator tank and you nozzle down to say 5 GPM, long can it spray without causing an issue? I know nothing about how these work, and am just wondering if they can be sprayed continuously at 5 GPM or if the accumulator gets "caught up" with and then...
  19. 814jeffw

    Delavan 12V,..Sb or C Model Numbers

    When looking at Delavan 12V pumps,..I see twp model numbers SB and C. What are the differences? Specs all look the same,..just seems the SB and C must signify something? Jeff
  20. 814jeffw

    12V Sprayer Cart

    Here are the better pictures. Wheelchair battery in top box, and pump in the lower box. Both well ventilated. Still a prototype,..but will be "perfected" by next season,..actually having fun making changes. Jeff