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    Pay It Forward - Anyone seen the it? Its a GREAT Movie about helping others?

    Have any of you seen the movie, Pay It Forward? If you haven't YOU NEED to! Its one of the best movies about giving back. To BOTH the world and the people that live in it. Roof Cleaning is a great way to earn a living but its not EVERYTHING. I was very sick a while back and it made me...
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    Charitable Holiday Giving: It can be good for others AND your business!

    These ideas are just some of the terrific, thoughtful things we all can do to make the holiday season better for those we live and work around in our communities. Here are some more ways to make your roof cleaning business stand out in your local market area while HELPING others in need in the...
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    Roof Clean USA hits # 1 on Google first page for GA Roof Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning Brothers, I hope to encourage the newbie roof cleaner by writing this article. If your new to non pressure roof cleaning, stick around, its a great profession and one that is a lot of fun as well as pays the bills! Sometimes you can't put a face with the name and we think...
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    Recent Roof Cleaning Job in Thomasville, GA

    Here are a few pictures of a Roof Cleaning we recently did in Thomasville, Georgia. This is 35 miles from Tallahassee, Florida. <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img...
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    How many of you know of or use Cougar Paws to stay on the roof?

    Good Afternoon All, I was just curious if anyone else uses the roof boots called COUGAR PAWS. These are pretty awesome and thought I'd share them with the forum for those new to Roof cleaning or who haven't heard of or used these. I know I am letting out some of the "secrets of the pro's" but...
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    Anyone ride Choppers! I have frames,wheels, much more,cheap!

    Hey All, I am trying to fund some new equipment and have to sell some of my American made Chopper parts. If anyone rides motorcycles here and if you have always wanted to build a chopper I have the best parts out there. All of the parts are made by PRO-ONE Manufacturing out of Pomona, CA. I went...