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  1. Kevin Moffett

    Getting wife involved

    I want to get my wife more involved with the business doing things such as making and taking calls, over the phone estimates, Having knowledge of our services so she can explain what we do if asked by a customer. Does anybody have any material they would like to share that they provide to their...
  2. Kevin Moffett

    @ Chris Apple

    Thanks for the motivation in Houston. I'll be keeping in touch with you to pick your brain.
  3. Kevin Moffett

    Google Chromebook

    I'm in the market for a new laptop, and I ran across the Google chromebook that runs Google's OS. Does any one here own one? If so is it worth buying or should i just buy a laptop running Microsoft. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Kevin Moffett

    Hello PWI

    How's it going fellas? Some may remember me from this board awhile back, My name is Kevin I've been in the start up stage of opening my pressure washing business for about 3 years now sounds crazy right. I moved from Milwaukee,WI to Dallas, TX about 2 and half years ago with plans on opening up...
  5. Kevin Moffett

    Environmental BMPs are available for viewing and comment

    I found a compay that sell reusable drain andc curb inserts.
  6. Kevin Moffett

    Power washing Pebble Flex

    It's most likely to soft for any kind of pressure ( I Think ) So my guess is 12 v pump Soft washing method.
  7. Kevin Moffett

    my new grill!

    Hey Nick I think my guy out does yours.
  8. Kevin Moffett

    Super Trapp Quiet Muffler

    I was on the internet today and came pass this. Guys check this out I think this will be a great idea. This product would be great for the guys that wash at night to prevent people from complaining or calling the police about noise. What do you guys think...
  9. Kevin Moffett

    Everyone need's this !

    Everyone need's the GARMIN GTU 10 TRACKING DEVICE. This is a must have for me Im going to Hardwire it to my skid.( Note: you purchase the hardwire usb on and also the best thing about the whole thing is its only $49.99 a year for the service)...
  10. Kevin Moffett

    Divisions Help .....

    I Just need a simple understanding of Divisions within a business. Some of you guys on here run divisions within your business. (example Mike V and DJ both have a pressure washing division and landscaping divison within one business structure (I think) ) When you add a division within your...
  11. Kevin Moffett

    New employee training video.

    (Just a idea) Someone should create a new employee training video (then you can sell it to others). This video would be shown to each new employee to give them correct understanding of pressure washing the do's and don'ts. Anybody willing to create one ?.
  12. Kevin Moffett

    Ever use it ?

    Anybody ever use this product ?
  13. Kevin Moffett

    Turn this into the ultimate pressure washing truck

    One of you guys should buy this and pimp it out lol.
  14. Kevin Moffett

    Good or not ?

    I'm thinking about getting this Werner MT-26 Telescoping Multi-Ladder to replace the need of having more than one ladder on the truck. To you guys that have or had this ladder is it worth buying? and how do you like it?
  15. Kevin Moffett

    Surface Cleaner for sale?

    Looking for another 20" surface cleaner if anyone have one they want to sell post the brand,condition and price. ( If you have a pic post that too) Thanks
  16. Kevin Moffett

    New $100 Bill

    Have you Seen the new $100 Bill.......
  17. Kevin Moffett

    Another Free Holiday Give AWAY!!!

    Happy Holidays my fellow PWI members. I noticed lots of us on the board want to lose a few pounds so I want to share some holiday love and give away a P90X Extreme Home Workout. Just post in the thread and that will give you a chance to win.I'll be picking the winner randomly 1 week from...
  18. Kevin Moffett

    Winterizing ??

    When winterizing my unit do I just pour the RV Antifreeze (6 gallons) into my tank run until antifreeze comes out the tip of the wand then i should be all good ? is this correct
  19. Kevin Moffett


    Has any of you guys tried any of these products before.
  20. Kevin Moffett

    Inventory ???

    What Chems do you guys keep in stock at all times ? I am about to stock up and I was thinking what do I really need.