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  1. bhenson

    Recoil popping back with extreme force

    Hey everyone. Recently guys have been complaining that when they pull the recoil ( Yes I know electric start is the way to go ) that the rope keeps popping back with extreme force. In some cases breaking rope and coming out of their hands. Before there are some injuries due to this matter can...
  2. bhenson

    MSDS infomation

    Hey guys, I'm putting a binder together that will stay in the truck. What Im looking for is MSDS sheets on the most common used chemicals we use on a daily bases. F9, EBC, Caustic, Truck Washes, etc. I know there are a ton of these out there, but anything that we can put in the binder is what...
  3. bhenson

    Looking for a few experts to help me out with some print media on awareness

    Calling some industry experts to help me out with some print media on awareness to the end user. Below is a list of topics. Thank you all in advance who will be helping with this project. Residential: House Washing Roof Cleaning Wood and anything I'm missing I want to tie all residential...
  4. bhenson

    What are you really looking for out of the UAMCC , PWRA, IWCA etc.

    The title says it all. List what you are looking for as a member of any of the orgs that are out there? What can the org do to help you attain the goals you set for growing your business? Be honest in what your really seeking when joining the orgs. The only way we can move forward in...
  5. bhenson

    Maintenance schedule form

    Does anyone have or use a weekly maintenance form for their trucks and rigs. Something that tracks mileage between oil changes, last time breaks were changed, light work, etc. Would like one for trucks and rigs. If no one has one maybe we can all get together and come up with something...
  6. bhenson

    AMS Oil?

    Is or has anyone used this product? Pros/Cons?
  7. bhenson

    Oklahoma made the 8 most dangerous places to live
  8. bhenson

    Weather is perfect again for long tracking damaging tornados

    Here we go again!!
  9. bhenson

    I want to personally THANK!!

    I want to personally say THANK YOU Doug Rucker, Tony Shelton, Kory Finley & Guy Blackmon for the donations you have giving to the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma. With your help we were able to buy 2 pallets of water (120 cases) that we deliveried eralier today. This water was giving to the...
  10. bhenson

    Need some help on pricing

    Here is a project that we are bidding on. 3 of the 4 sides can be easily accessed from roof top next to the gym. The 1 side that is left will need to be done by a lift. I know we will you use a house wash mix to wash it with. Just need some help on pricing . Total square feet to be washed is...
  11. bhenson

    Possibe fence postcard tell me what you think

    Ok, tell me what you guys think. Dont pay so much attention to the blue. When saving the image as a jpeg it got darker. It is more of a true process blue. The only difference between the two is the call today in bottom right corner. Thanks in advance for the feedback. Bryan
  12. bhenson

    Vibration in hose

    Hey everyone. What would cause vibration in the hose with a lose of pressure. Replaced water seals earlier today with a problem with a leak on the head of the pump. Could it be the valves. Not sure on haw to check to see if they are bad. I did notice some scaring on the brass when we...
  13. bhenson

    Crazy Oklahoma

    Let's see just in the past 3 day4.6 earthquake 2:00am Saturday morning5. 6 earthquake 8:50pm SaturdaynightSeveral Hugh tornados and 4.7earthquake over the last few hours. Just the 2 years2 history making winter stormsThe big flood in Oklahoma historyThe worst hail storm in Oklahoma histroyThe...
  14. bhenson

    Employee hand book or policy manual

    Trying to put one together, does anyone have any one that I might be able to look at. Thanks, Bryan
  15. bhenson

    Did anyone see this thread over on the grime scene
  16. bhenson

    Just a little Job that some of us Oklahoma boys finshed last weekend!

    Job took us 5 days to complete. First 4 days we had 3 2 man crews working 12 hours a night. Last day we had 5 crews. Total job was completed in 5 days with a total of 120 man hours. Networking with other Oklahoma companies allowed us to bid this project. I would like to give a special thanks...
  17. bhenson

    Perparing a buildimg for painting

    Hey everyone, Got a quick general question. I have a PM that needs me to perpare a building for painting. She is wanting 2 different estimates on work. Below you will find the details on what he is looking for. Hopefully I can get an answer on pricing. We havent done this type of work before...
  18. bhenson

    New Construction

    Hey everyone, Need some help. Have a project that is coming up. It new construction that has snorkle lift tire marks all over the sidewalk and in front of the location. What will remove these marks off. I will be going back out there to look at it again in the morning. If you need me to post...
  19. bhenson

    New Construction ( Brick ) Need to melt protective wax off

    Hey Guys, I need to place a bid on a a building ( new consrtuction ) to wash the brick. What they want is to have the protective wax that covers the brick off. Has anyone done this type of work before? If yes what did you charge. Roughly 4000 sqft feet of brick. Thanks for the help. Bryan