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  1. NickGann

    Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning - Murfreesboro TN

    Drone footage of a concrete pool deck we recently cleaned in Murfreesboro TN
  2. NickGann

    Concrete Driveway Cleaning - Murfreesboro TN Quick video made with our drone. Some concrete Driveway Pressure Washing
  3. NickGann

    A job to do next week, you think SH will work?

    They loved the work. I am going to be cleaning their windows and concrete now and the manager wants me to do their house.
  4. NickGann

    A job to do next week, you think SH will work?

    Hey guys, got a call today and a theater accepted my bid. Exterior cleaning around the top of the front of their building...All this blackness! To me it looks like SH should work, want to see what you guys think.
  5. NickGann


    Anyone have any reviews or input on this company?
  6. NickGann

    Job Codes/ Scheduling/ Accounting

    Hey guys, Up until now I have been piecemealing a system for accounting using Gnucash, scheduling using google calendar, and nothing for job codes yet(I have a mental note on what types of jobs cost me what, etc.) What I am looking to do is find a system that when I enter the data for the...
  7. NickGann

    Look at them tiiiiiiips!

    Don't they look at little upset they haven't been to work yet?
  8. NickGann

    Hackberry Stains/Invasing bug species?

    Got a call to come check out a metal roof. Tried a few of the basic chems on it which made no real difference. The dude who owns the house says some tree specialist said the stains came from an invasive bug species, specific to hackberry trees...which I can find no other information on...
  9. NickGann

    Local distributor?

    Hey guys, So far I had been piecemealing everything, but have gotten to a point where a local distributor would be ideal. I am thinking of using Russ over at Southside for bigger items, particularly because of his willingness to help on another dilemma I had...however in the long run it would...
  10. NickGann

    Pressure Tek - Thank you

    For having the best deal on a great reel that a man could find. Just purchased 100' of 3/8 two wire hose and a Summit SM22 from them, can't wait to get my hands on those toys!
  11. NickGann

    Anyone, using motor for generator and pump?

    Hey guys I recently took this heater and cage in trade for some things sitting around unused in my garage. My question is, does anyone here drive a generator and pump with the same motor? What HP motor for say a 5.5gpm pump? If so where to get the pulleys? How is it all wired for you? To feed...
  12. NickGann

    Is it me or is slow around here?

    I fell out of the PWI loop for awhile building business, but it seems so much slower around here these days. I remember I used to come and click "what's new" and each day there would be pages, now there might be a few posts max. Anyone else see that? Anyone know why?
  13. NickGann

    Lets Talk business cards Today guys.

    This is my most recent. I used to actually have the front of the card as a dirty sidewalk with leaves and cigarette butts etc that popped off of it visually and the back was clean with all the information on it. But with the name change a more professional feel came along and this is what I have...
  14. NickGann

    Vehicle wraps, creativity, and actual return measurement

    Here in town I have a friend who has been a contractor for 40 years and has every bit of success I am striving for. Unfortunately I waited to talk business with him after having been in business a year already with minimal success. Fortunately I have gotten my head on straight and realized he...
  15. NickGann

    Can they be spot cleaned?

    The season is upon us here, and I have a few clients with some mold streaks running down their roofs. They want me to clean only the streaks, and the rest of the shingles look respectable anyhow. Can you clean a single spot using SH and get a nice look? Assuming of course the rest of the shingle...
  16. NickGann

    Chemical scent cover

    Now I am sure this has been asked before but I cannot for the life of menacing an answer.I had an unexpected job come up tomorrow and have 0 inventory of cherry or green wash. I gotta make a quick stop in the morning to pickup some chemicals for window cleaning and siding cleaning. What I need...
  17. NickGann

    Are houses considered buildings?

    Anyhow, I just acquired a pawn and gun shop as well as the owner of the shops house. I went in to sell a 1973 Remington 552 in mint condition, because I wanted to put the money toward a Beretta Px4 9mm. As it turns out, just from talking like a friend to the guy, he needed the front of his...
  18. NickGann

    Journey Enterprises - Cleans Roof and Sidewalk in Murfreesboro TN

    Yesterday <a href="">Murfreesboro TN Pressure Washing</a> successfully...and beautifully finished a roof cleaning job for a local. Her worry was she might have to replace a roof on her shed due to all the algae eating away at it (which she thought was actually the...
  19. NickGann

    Entirely re-attempted SEO

    Going through my Murfreesboro TN Pressure Washing and Seal Coating website I decided the keywords I was choosing and title tags I played with didn't contain enough information or were too vague. I have completely revamped them. Now that in conjunction with being member of this board and one...
  20. NickGann

    Murfreesboro TN Pressure Washing and Seal Coating

    Yesterday I pressure washed an aggregate driveway. There was plenty of mold to be removed, which we were able to do with our great process using a few chemical combinations that are proprietary to Journey Enterprises. We then used a diamond grinder to clean out the cracks and filled them in...