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  1. Vince Wood

    Sneak Peak of Used Unit Coming Up For Sale After January 1 - Best Used Unit Around

    This is a unit I picked up this past weekend. As most of you know on here, I buy/sell used equipment. Everything has under 100 hours of use on it. This unit was over $80,000 new. All built by Jerry. I will officially put it up for sale after the 1st of the year.
  2. Vince Wood

    Logo Suggestions

    Keith from KBK Graphics did both of mine. As well as my business cards.
  3. Vince Wood

    Alert Power Washing located in Southern California Is For Sale

    After over 11 years in business it's time for me to get out of the power washing business so I can focus on my new business that I'm starting. Obviously, I can't run both by myself and I don't want to hire anyone to run Alert Power Washing. All equipment,17 websites ( roughly since I lost...
  4. Vince Wood

    Used 2013 Year Model 8 Gallon Per Minute 3500 PSI Hydrotek Skid Unit $4000.00 Firm

    I'm selling my backup unit that has 598 Hours on it. It's a 2013 model. You will have to put a battery in it though. I'll post pictures when I have a minute. I just ordered a new 10 Gallon Per Minute Machine, the current one will go on the trailer and I'll put the new unit on my truck. I...
  5. Vince Wood

    Used 9 GPM 3000 PSI Trailer Mounted Hot Water Unit With Reclaim/Recycle Unit $8200.00

    This unit is a 2006 Hydrotek 9 GPM 3000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer with Reclaim/Recycle Unit 1080 Hours on unit 25 Horsepower Kohler Engine Cat 660 9 GPM Pump 2 - 185 Gallon Water Tanks Fresh Oil/Filter Change Brand New 5 Year Battery New Air Cleaner New Fuel Filters (Gas/Diesel) New Fuel...
  6. Vince Wood

    Used 9 GPM 3000 PSI Hydrotek Trailer With Reclaim/Recycle Unit For Sale On 6/10/16

    I'm in the process of reconditioning an ex-city owned unit with 1080 hours on it. 25 Horsepower Kohler Engine 4 Brand New Trailer Tires New 100' of High Pressure Hose New Super Swival on High Pressure Hose Reel New K7 Unloader New Gun, wand and tip New Trailer Lights New Paint Job New 50'...
  7. Vince Wood

    Used 8 GPM 3500 PSI Landa Trailer Unit $6500 Firm

    I have the following rig for sale....... Landa 8 Gallon Per Minute 3500 PSI Hot Water Trailer 630 hours Brand New Unloader Brand New General TSF 2021 Pump 4 Brand New Trailer Tires New Light Kit on Trailer 325 Gallon Water Tank New 100' High Pressure Hose with Gun/Lance New 100' Garden Hose 2...
  8. Vince Wood

    Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer with Reclaim/Recycle Unit For Sale $5500.00

    I have a 2008 Hydrotek 4.8GPM 3000 PSI hot water pressure washer for sale - turn key ready to go to work. Recent Service (oil/filter change, new diesel fuel filter, air cleaner) Brand new tires on trailer including the spare. Brand new battery box/battery. New trailer lights. New Gas/Diesel Tank...
  9. Vince Wood

    Used 2004 Ford Ranger For Sale

    Here is the ebay listing for it......
  10. Vince Wood

    Truck Work Station

    Since I basically almost live out of my truck I've decided to take out the center console and install a work station similar to what the electric companies and cable TV vans have in them. Can anyone recommend a brand or something that is half way decent? I'll pay the extra $$$ for something...
  11. Vince Wood

    Any Cyber Monday Specials?

    I'm just wondering if any of the distributors on here have any Cyber Monday specials for today.
  12. Vince Wood

    Truck Parking Sensors

    Here is my problem I'm having and I've looked on the internet and can't seem to find a solution besides mounting a back up camera to the truck which I don't want to do since it's getting sold in 2 more months. At my old house where I parked there was a big crack in the driveway so I knew once I...
  13. Vince Wood

    Window Washer Shocked

    Here is the story.......
  14. Vince Wood

    Remote Control Surface Cleaner

    I'm just curious if anyone has ever thought about building a remote control surface cleaner. If it wasn't too expensive I would be interested in buying one.
  15. Vince Wood

    This Could Happen To You While Washing A Building With A Safety Rope
  16. Vince Wood

    Pressure Washer Shot and Killed In Los Angeles While Cleaning Parking Garage

    The link below tells the whole story......
  17. Vince Wood

    Need To Lease A Swabby

    I'm looking to lease a 36" or 48" Swabby or similar unit for 5 years. I need it by August 1st though. Any of the distributors that can price one out for me and get it to me by August 1 please call or PM me.
  18. Vince Wood

    By Not Having 1 Piece of Paper Notarized Cost Me A $1,000,000 Contract Today

    Like they say, learn from others mistakes. I was the lowest qualified bidder on a 5 year city contract work a little over $1,000,000 ($204,000 a year) and forgot to have something notarized therefore by bid was kicked out and I was disqualified. I'm just kicking myself right now and most...
  19. Vince Wood

    Brand New Hydrotek Unit With 8 Hours On It - Hydrotek Refusing To Warranty It

    I got a brand new 7.8 GPM unit off of e-bay and let it sit in storage for 6 months before putting it on my truck. The unit had 0.7 hours on it when I put it on the truck. The heating coil is leaking fuel out of both ends of it. I called Hydrotek and they said I was out of the 1 year warranty...
  20. Vince Wood

    Want To Buy, 250 Gallon Water Tank or Larger

    Anyone close or in Southern California that has a 250 gallon to 550 gallon water tank that they are willing to sell? I'm putting together another unit and I have almost everything I need for it. It's going on a 18' Utility trailer. I'm going to put a reclaim unit on it as well.