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    Boat washing, be prepared for Sept if you wash boats.
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    Acryllic paint

    Customer had railings and spindles painted with acryllic paint, but not it is beginning to peal in som places. Tried HD80, no luck, I kno that Wolmans' u used to make a Deckstrip A & L but do not know if there is another solution to removing the acryllic.
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    Customer has asked if I could apply Cabots Solid over Sikkens Solid Rubbol DEK. She is concerned about price. The Sikkens has pealed in a few places but most of the finish is intact. I plan to clean the existing deck but my estimate depends on the finish to be used. I know the Cabots...
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    Sikkens revisit

    Looking for remover for Sikkens Dek. The finish failed and now looks like chips of sealer. I seem to remember that someone had found a good stripper but do not remember the name.
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    WWI Monument

    I am cleaning a WWI Monument. Center is Marble surrounded by concrete. On top is a very old cannon. Problem is on surface of the marble a blue line has run dowm from the gun area (maybe gun had some alloy of copper or other metal the gives the blue patena). I was able to get rid of the...
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    Hardwood sealers

    I have been using Penofin for Hardwwods for mahogany and ipe, any better sealers out there for these applications? The problem withe Penofin is that you need to reseal again in 90 days and then reapply in 12 to 18months but you do not need to remove the old sealer just wash with soap and water...
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    Mahogany stripping

    I am about to clean a mahogany deck that was built in two stages about 6 years apart. Old section is currently sealed with Massner's and I want to restore the wood to as near a possible to match the new wood. My question is what would be a safe stipper to use on mahogany so that it does not...
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    Messmer's UV Plus

    Met with a customer today who has a mahogany deck 6 yrs old and has been using Messmer's UV Plus.I have never used the product and wonder if anyone has any info concerning it. I have seen it on shelves at Sipersteins in NJ but have not seen it in PA stores. How well does it hold up, are there...