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  1. Roy Sanders

    Burner Problems

    I am having issues with my 8gpm 12v Largo hot box. It will fire up and have hot water for a short time then run cold. It will fire back up but you never know when. I only have a couple hundred hours on this unit. I looked at the springs and electrodes (?) and they looked pretty clean. At least...
  2. Roy Sanders

    Starting to put together a residential setup.

    I am getting ready to order some equipment so I can add on some residential house washing. I am running a 19 horse Kohler with a TSF2021 pump that I have set at 2000 psi for my truck washing. As of now I have this on the list- Jrod with soap and rinse tips and quick connect, DS injector, new gun...
  3. Roy Sanders

    Price for 12.5% SH? Just got a quote today.

    I started looking to see what price I could get some SH for. I have a plant close to me that makes it and they quoted me 3.35/gallon for a 55 gallon drum with a $50 dollar deposit for something? and a $5 cleaning fee. $4.75/gallon for 5 and 15 gallon with a $25 deposit and $5 cleaning fee for...
  4. Roy Sanders

    What do you do for your family health insurance?

    Yes the dreaded health insurance topic. I now find myself having to look for health insurance for my family. I have just started to comb through the online information to maybe get an idea of who I should possibly look into. It is all a big racket as far as I am concerned. They take take take...
  5. Roy Sanders

    No pressure on my machine.

    I noticed this morning that when I cranked up the pressure it was pulsating a little. I cracked open the whip line that I have to bleed the system a little in case I had air in it. The water was barely coming out. I closed the whip line and had no pressure reading on the gauge. Then after a few...
  6. Roy Sanders

    Bidding my first apartment complex. Need direction.

    I usually only wash trucks but one of my customers owns three apartment buildings and asked me for a quote. I would like to try this out and give me another avenue for income whenever the opportunity arises. They are just wanting the brick face on one side of building 1 and siding cleaned on all...
  7. Roy Sanders

    When to add first employee?

    Not really sure where to post this so hopefully it fits in here. I started my fleet washing business last July and have slowly added a few accounts so far. All of my accounts are weekends except for one that I can do on Wednesday. I am doing all the washing on my own at this time. However I do a...
  8. Roy Sanders

    What do you think about this as a spare unit?

    It's a Karcher hds 3555 BE model with a 20 horse honda and a GP TS2021 pump direct drive. I am told it is not getting fuel to the burner but evidently the igniters work. I was looking at it more for a spare unit or maybe put on a part time guy on it to wash trucks. No info on hours. Just wanted...
  9. Roy Sanders

    Problem with new hot box after two hours of use.

    I got to use the new Largo 12v hot box today. For two hours. I set it to 80 degrees to see how that did and ran it until I noticed it wasn't getting hot at the wand. I looked at it and bumped the temp to 90 and it started working. Not for long though. I finally got up in the back of the truck...
  10. Roy Sanders

    Plumbing my box truck.

    Okay. I am transferring equipment from my open trailer over to the box truck. I had a cold water unit on the trailer and I am adding a hot box to the truck. On the trailer I had 2" plumbing running from tanks and then cut it down to 1" that dual fed the pump. Now that I am going into the truck...
  11. Roy Sanders

    Pump problems

    I was on a job this evening and pressure started dropping at the gun. I looked at the water tank and the water level was at the top of the ball valve at the bottom of the tank. I assume it was sucking a little air so I stopped and started filling the tank. I added another 100 gallon or so and...
  12. Roy Sanders

    Recommended heater for box trucks?

    What is the best type of heater to put in the box of a truck. I hear the Webasto are good but a little out of my price range right now.
  13. Roy Sanders

    What kind of lights are some of you using for work lights at night.

    I need to be thinking about what kind of lights that I can put on my box truck. Maybe two on each sides up on the top rail and possibly some above the rear door.
  14. Roy Sanders

    What is the best way to insulate a box truck?

    I need to get some insulation in the truck as it looks like it has to set outside this winter. I was thinking about just getting some Styrofoam or equivalent sheets and cutting them down and putting in between the metal studs then putting plywood over that. The roof is translucent and was...
  15. Roy Sanders

    WTB: 8 gpm hot box

    Looking to see if anyone has a used 8 gpm hot box for sale before I buy new.
  16. Roy Sanders

    What is a good 12v 8gpm hot box?

    I am in the market to add a hot box to my cold water machine. What is a good unit. I am thinking about vertical over a horizontal unit.
  17. Roy Sanders

    Why can I not load pics.

    I went through this issue on this site a while back and got nowhere. When I first joined here I was able to load about ten or so pics just fine. Every since then I am able to pick out which photos I want to upload but when I hit the upload button the little loading circle spins around then quits...
  18. Roy Sanders

    Used Hannay electric hose reels. Pressure Washers are the BEST

    I found a few of these today and am thinking about getting one to put garden hose on and mounting it on the back of my trailer. It says it can hold up to 350' of 3/4" hose. I looked up their cost new to see how much they were. I can get these for $150 each. He has four of them but I think he is...
  19. Roy Sanders

    Anyone know the estimated weight of an 8gpm hot box?

    I am trying to put some numbers together on how much weight I might have in a box truck. I don't have a hot box yet but was thinking about a 12v upright Largo for an 8gpm machine. I am not set on a Largo but was just looking at them. The one I saw didn't have a weight on it.
  20. Roy Sanders

    Unloader & relief valve questions

    I am trying to set my pressure on this machine I just built. 19 horse Kohler and GP TSF2021 with a green spring unloader. I pulled the trigger on my gun and set the psi at about 1500-1600 and when let off it is around 1800 or so. The issue is that now when I pull the trigger the relief valve...