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    extra thick lichen.anything special to do??

    Here Is a job in Middlebury, CT done 2 weeks ago. It had very severe moss & lichen, it was a complete roof clean. Simply spraying bleach on this would be a bad idea. You may bleach out the color of the moss and lichen, but it would still be there. The roof needs to be rinsed and the moss &...
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    Cumaru Hardwood Deck, Southport CT

    This is a property I started taking care of this year and will be an annual maintenance to care for the decking off the house and the cabana area. Beautiful materials ,landscaping,designing and architecture. Lots of stone in the future!
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    SOFT washing CEDAR with Bleach causes major Problem

    This is a Western Red cedar deck I was hired to to wood care for in Greenwich Ct . The floor and 70% of the rails are less than a year old. I was scheduled to preform the cleaning and oiling in September. In July I get a call from the home owner asking what they should do to the deck to protect...
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    Softwash revolution or restitution ?

    This wood issue with bleaching cedar shakes or any wood is out of control and needs to be stopped now . I am reporting it to the Consumer Affairs division in my state to stop this fraud on the public trust. All organizations should be banning this practice before it comes back to bite the...
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    SOFT washing CEDAR roofs "a pack mentality"

    As a wood restoration expert and specifically a cedar expert I find the recent you tube video By AZ Costal, remarks by AC, the soft wash community, The other remarks by people who have no clue what there talking about offensive to the wood restoration business. I've gone to roof washing...
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    Night time awning cleaning

    When cleaning very dirty awnings during the night even with lights it is hard to see your results until they are dry during the day. What are others approach to cleaning these things ? I've been dealing with a film of green mold many bird turds and very dusty. No complaints yet and some I'm...
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    Water spigot on commercial building

    Anyone every have a keyed spigot not be abled to be turned off at night,on the weekend,on a city corner, with freezing temps coming? What a nightmare.....happened Saturday night and was fixed this morning. This happened to me at a school a few years ago and it was a major event to fix. They...
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    Internal body clock

    Does anyones body get used to working nights ? I always have a few jobs a year that I've done and then become a Zombie for a few days . 3am seems to be the worst point of no return. When your body knows it should be sleeping.
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    Freezing water on concrete

    Besides the obvious of not washing when it's going to freeze what precautions do people take when washing and freezing temps are going to occur? I have a bunch of night work coming and the early morning temps are going to be below freezing right before opening. I descided to throw down a safe...