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  1. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Drum hand truck recommendations

    She's a little rusty from the bleach but works great.
  2. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Stripping Sikkens off a Log house

    Here was a nice project to strip wonderful sikkens off of a spruce log house.It took me about 5 hrs to strip and brighten with my own stripper mix.
  3. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Thanks for the Banner RED!

    Thanks Red for making me a cool banner for my signature!
  4. Seymore_BlEaCh

    World's Fastest: 270.49 mph Hennessey Venom GT

    Man this would be a fun ride!
  5. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Happy Birthday Doug!

    Hope you have a great day!
  6. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Small 1500 sqft Arbor

    Here was how I spent my 70 degree day here in Houston. The arbor took a whole 8 gallons of Gray Away Cedar Dark and It was last stained on 2003.
  7. Seymore_BlEaCh

    What Is it for a Trigger Gun?

    I'm taking a shot in the dark...Was it this for the giveaway?
  8. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Old topic, but good information about BLEACH

    I found some info that might help?
  9. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Just a few mix of jobs...

    Here are few projects I've worked on in the past few yrs not sure If I post these before?
  10. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Small PT pine deck re stain

    Here is why you don't wait 11 yrs to re stain your deck. They let time get away from them before calling me out to clean re stain their deck. It was pressure washed then used a light 12 % mix then rinsed no brightener was used.
  11. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Flood Deck Stain

    Like Everette said using a moisture meter will save you the guessing game to find out if the stain will stick to the wood properly. You might add an extra day of drying time if the temps stay cooler. Yeah Everette the great thing about Texas the weather. We have our cool days but it can be...
  12. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Small 1700 Sft PT Deck

    Here was nice little job I finished Fri It was pretty dry took 17 gallons and was bleached and pressure washed.
  13. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Wood type question

    These are cedar logs I worked on looks pretty similar ??
  14. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Gray Away Cedar Dark

    Here was a PT deck that was cleaned and brightened and stained with Gray Away Cedar Dark.
  15. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Huge Nasty Deck!

    Here was one of the nastiest decks I had seen in a while it was stripped and brightened and sealed with Cedar Dark.
  16. Seymore_BlEaCh

    New Business Cards

    So I've been in need of new biz card update and I'm having Clark make them for me at Clark sent a great first draft and it got me thinking to see if i could design one myself. I have to thank Red again for making me a great logo to get me started! So I would like...
  17. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Carpenter Bee/Woodpecker Hole Damage

    Thanks Everett ... That also works for missing knots like I had for these cedar logs ..
  18. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Wood Savers of Texas pics

    Here a deck I worked on a few weeks ago in Gray Away Cedar Gold another repeat customer I see ever couple years with a nice view. Thanks to Red for making my new logo he did a great job for me not knowing what I wanted. He knows his chit with photoshop so thanks again I owe you big time!
  19. Seymore_BlEaCh

    Dear Professor Shane Or Who It May Concern

    Yes I have done quite a few decks in Grey or Taupe "add some Cedar Dark". The Slate grey has lots of pigment and holds up pretty good.