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  1. CapeFearProWash

    Panama city fl anyone?

    Gonna be in panama for the next 16 days doing navy reserve stuff. If anyone will be in the area working I'd love to come by and check it out. Looking for anyone doing gas stations or strop malls. Bigger flat work areas or roofs. Thanks.
  2. CapeFearProWash

    Hampton Inn building wash

    Have a hampton inn thats wants to get cleaned, and of course they are on a budget. Its dryvit, i think, the concrete looking finish. Do you have to shoot it with a pump then rinse, or can you use a strong mix and soap and let it dwell for awhile then rinse. Its not that dirty, was cleaned...
  3. CapeFearProWash

    Brick building bid help

    Can anyone that has worked a lot with all brick buildings give me a call tomorrow. I have 11+ buildings that I need to price out and I cant find a good start on how to price them. Cleaning them I have down, its just the pricing im having a hard time. Thanks. 9106507178
  4. CapeFearProWash

    Picked up our new van

    :happydance:Got a great deal on this van. 2002 chevy express 2500. 257000 miles, but runs like a champ. Needs a tuneup and thats about it, of course besides all the vinyl that I will be putting on it. Hope to start making money with this badboy soon.
  5. CapeFearProWash

    8 cubic yard dumpster cleaning?

    How much would you charge to clean these for paint prepping. Dont know too much yet, but apparently theres about 100-125 and are pretty dirty. Not too sure about what kind of trash is in them yet. Can they be cleaned without hot water and the right chems?
  6. CapeFearProWash

    Got to love Stencils!

    Stamped this sidewalk last week. Still waiting on the call back, but thats free advertising till they want it cleand up.
  7. CapeFearProWash

    Got bored and made a video for my webpage let me know what you think I should change or what you like
  8. CapeFearProWash

    busted my yard sign bandit red handed

    So I was working at advance auto today just minding my own business and i noticed a truck pull up and walk towards the street. Thought nothing of it until I saw him walking back with my yard sign. Ive had a bunch all around town and they have been coming up missing and another pressure washer...
  9. CapeFearProWash

    MB rigs for sale?

    Ill be the first to ask this and maybe ill get lucky. If anyone is thinking about selling their rig in the near future and would like to get rid of it at the round table, I am looking for a hot water rig now. So let me know. Thanks.
  10. CapeFearProWash

    Anyone near Cherry Point NC

    Got a call today for a 13000sf new brick clean up. not our specialty right now. If your interested just text me by tomorrow at 10 and I will give the contractor your number. Thanks guys. 9106507178
  11. CapeFearProWash

    PM packet info

    Was hoping someone could share wth me what info they drop off at PM companies or other clients. Got some good info when I was in FL, but Im looking to add some more info. So far I have a cover page with name and contact info, services offered, before and after pic page, and gonna add my...