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  1. nibbsy

    Concrete damage.

    Received a call out to a shopping centre to see what I could do after someone had scarred up approximately 1000m2 of side walks. Side note, hate to think how long it had taken the guy using a wand. 
  2. nibbsy

    Hose Reel with level wind.

    For you Commercial guys that pound the sidewalks and literary drag and wind miles of hoses, you may find this interesting. This hose reel is built on a Hannay 1530 with all the hardware up graded to handle 5000psi and holds 370 foot of 1/2 hose. The level wind is chain drive and appears to be...
  3. nibbsy

    Gum removal

    Light weight version
  4. nibbsy

    The Swabby

    No, not all of them and you just can never tell where one might show up. Does anyone have any idea how many were ever sold?
  5. nibbsy

    How do you apply your house wash ????

    You may need to manufacture a brake of some sort to stop your reel from unrolling. I think that these pictures are fairly self explanatory.
  6. nibbsy

    Low Water Shut off Switch for Buffer Tank

    I think this maybe the sort of thing that you are chasing, they are called a Madison Liquid Level Switch. I also think that saw a youtube clip on how to install them sometime ago.
  7. nibbsy

    Are two heads better than one?

    Well this is something that I had been thinking about for sometime. Would a two headed floor cleaner, spinning smaller radius arms, clean faster than a floor cleaner with longer radius arms, using the same flow and pressure? First, I needed to build a cleaner with two heads/unions to find this...
  8. nibbsy

    Quieting Pressure Washer

    I think that I posted these somewhere else before. Anyway, this is my silenced night work trailer
  9. nibbsy

    answer to gravity fed pressure washers

    Not sure what you guys use as feeder hose to your pumps but PVC Steel Spring Reinforced Hose has worked for me.
  10. nibbsy

    Impressed with Sirocco reclaim performance.

    Just a short video demonstrating the performance of the 21 inch vac head with 200 feet of vac hose. cheers Greg
  11. nibbsy

    Build your own water reclaim/recycle system

    Hi Christopher, you got it pretty right. We lift one end using an endless chain then back the Ute (as we call them in Au) under the sled and then lift the other end to remove the legs. The whole process takes about 5 min to get the sled on or off. The sled is alloy ply wood construction to help...
  12. nibbsy

    Smoking Burner

    Hi guys, I am trying to track down why my two new hot water heaters that I have just taken delivery of are over fuelling and smoking like steam trains. They are meant to be 3GPH /420000 btu Beckett 230 Volt AFG burners but I am wondering if the burners are configured correctly as I can get them...