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    GoDaddy new domain pre-sale .CLEANING

    Just in case anyone is interested in a new domain Godaddy is doing a pre-registration for domains ending with .CLEANING IE: ROOF.CLEANING PRICE IS UP TO $13,000 PAROOF.CLEANING SOFTWASH.CLEANING ETC.ETC...
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    Best answer for this one, get this too often

    the propertys These are the homes and are just over 1 mil each,, price being a factor the winning bidder was under $600.... each,,,, what a joke !!
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    Best answer for this one, get this too often

    Consumer confusion or is there a magic dust I just don't know about.. anyway responding to an email for a quote to do 2 tile roofs ( neighbors) and got this response: "Ok other address is 4730, we are not looking for high pressure wash and want to stay away from chlorine if you can." There is...
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    Question about residential exterior kitchens

    I have had a few customers within the last year that have exterior kitchens that vent through the roof and look like they have never been cleaned. I am going to assume and this is the question is that these systems should be treated as any commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning protocol. Correct...
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    A new tool / phone app for keeping an eye on your equipment etc.

    Here is a new product called TILE you may have seen or not but it seems promising. Put one on your rigs, machines etc.. just food for thought.
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    Miscolored shingles after roof cleaning

    Chris I am sure you will be good to go by the time we get in.. I will contact Bob then @ Mallard. Thanks and hope you feel better. As far as the shingle go, this could be a case or cases of both repairs and miscodes. I took some pics of miscodes never been cleaned. Last pic (cedar) of a...
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    Future of Concrete?

    Found this to be interesting.... (Kim R)
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    Pressure washer hack from next town over FAILS to clean the Hampton Inn exterior

    And another one bites the dust, this is is a hospital in Bradenton, the reception was not real friendly when approached about the damage though, apparently the maintenance manager and his out of state friend/ painter/pressure washer from the NE coast seems to think all is well and I was told I...
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    Pretty cool for these kids in the hospital

    Saw this today and thought it was pretty neat for these window washers to do. Kim R.
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    New roof cleaning association

    Yes I do work in the field running our Florida biz in the summer, pics of me working would be nice, but I am always the one taking them of jobs or my guys working. I will get a few over the next week but here is one with one of my favorite shirts! Look familiar? Crappy pic, Randy is not a...
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    Safety Tragedy ( wasn't sure where to post?)

    I know this is not pressure washing etc. but a story many may relate to. Very sad and very disheartening. (this is a distant extended member in the family, I did not know him)...
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    Contest $697.95 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts here

    Ron this is for you! Randy can use a new hat and if he wins the pump from Paul, That would be great! Have not met Paul as of yet, but have viewed this system and is seriously being considered for the new truck set-up we are adding. I like the set-up and makes complete sense to keep work...