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  1. Kendra

    Environmental Brochures

    I wanted to post the web site where anyone can download or order, for free, copies of all of the environmental brochures from the County of Orange, in PDF form. The brochures that you can find on the PWNA web site for $50.00 are free to anyone that would like to have them. The web site is...
  2. Kendra

    Us Newspaper Headlines In The Year 2050

    NEWSPAPER HEADLINES IN THE YEAR 2050 ------------------------------------ Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, California. White minorities still trying to have English recognized as California's third language. Spotted Owl plague...
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  4. Kendra

    Want to share something with everyone....

    Considering how patriotic everyone on this board is, I wanted to share a small story as we get closer to the 4th of July. An amazing woman died at the age of 94, 2 weeks ago, after surviving WWII, the Battan death march, a POW for 2 years and Korea. She was the first Woman Colonel in the Army...
  5. Kendra

    Cleaner Times February 2002

    Did anyone happen to read the Letter to the Editor in the Feb 2002 issue of Cleaner Times? I would like to hear thoughts, questions, comments, etc. I realized today that it had been published, and figured that I should bring it out in open. Don't want rumors or problems this time... :)
  6. Kendra

    picture test

  7. Kendra

    Newest Cleaner Times Issue

    I was wondering if everyone had gotten their issue of Cleaner Times yet this month, and if so if you have read and/or have been following the "Environmental Washing" section. I am looking for opinions on this series, or even just Part 5 this month. Good, bad, true, false, helpful, or too vague?
  8. Kendra

    Just for fun...

    I came across this picture the other day, and for anyone that didn't think I do the work here's proof!!
  9. Kendra

    Samples Contract

    There was a post in Pressure washing that asked about samples contracts, which I answered. I also received an e-mail asking for one. So, If anyone is interested, I have a great contract anyone could work off of. If you are interested, post here and I can send it to you. It is too long to just...
  10. Kendra

    Brick Sealing

    This is one area I have never dealt with. I had a customer ask me today what he could use himself..... NOT ME...... to seal the brick in the front of his house. He had it sealed by a contractor a couple of years ago, and t looked great. Left a wet look. But now it is fading and the calcium...