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  1. john neilson

    High Iron Stains.

    These stains are from a Scott lawn care product high in Iron. I have tried F9, White Ox, Pressure washed with 180 degree heat and nothing. Any suggestions?
  2. john neilson

    Keep talking to people!!!!!

    I just went out and spoke to my mail carrier woman friend, and in general conversation it came up that once the 4th is over its going to get busy again, for both of us. it turns out she is on the board at her condo place and they were talking of roof cleaning and concrete cleaning. As many...
  3. john neilson

    No Pressure?

    My truck says, " no pressure roof cleaning and pressure washing". Could this be confusing to some? 3 people have asked me what it means. Any suggestions.
  4. john neilson

    Member benefits

    I purchased this truck from hard work. It is my first pick up. Take a guess where I was educated? UAMCC
  5. john neilson

    Fishing Trip

    There will be an event coming up On Is there anyone interested in a fishing charter out of Daytona Beach? Either the day before or the Sunday after.
  6. john neilson

    Credit cards

    Who do you use for your Merchant Services? I have found that banks are very expensive and have hidden fees. does it matter?
  7. john neilson

    Its time Darrel

  8. john neilson

    Lead in orlando

    I have a lead for 2 trailers that need to be washed for a sign company that need prep work near Universal and Maitland . 1 is 52' other is 48'
  9. john neilson

    Google maps measuring

    How do you measure commercial buildings with Google maps?
  10. john neilson

    Back links.

    If we make up a blog here. How does it help with seo compared to Google blogger?
  11. john neilson

    Top to bottom or bottom to top?

    I heard we should wash roofs bottom to top but I see a lot of guys doing it top to bottom. Why? what is your method and reasoning?
  12. john neilson

    My New cards are in

    I ordered new cards from RED and they are great and a big hit. I could not believe how fast they came.
  13. john neilson

    UAMCC Is knowledge

    This may be long but I have to say this: I Have been a member of UAMCC for less than a year now and I have nothing but good things to say. I was in Orlando for the round table event and I met so many guy and gals both members and non members looking to meet up. One gentleman in particular...
  14. john neilson


    Any Other KEC but me here in Florida. I have an account at rehab center and they gave me 5 pages of leads, Lets work together. These are cold calls but we can make it happen.
  15. john neilson

    My first blog here!
  16. john neilson

    EBC and F9

    I have used F9 and it is awesome. I have never used EBC but I have to bid a 3 pump station tomorrow, Its pretty oily, any suggestions on how to price it based on product?
  17. john neilson

    Roof mix

    I have a simple question, What ratio of SH to water are you guys/gals using. At times I feel my mix is too strong and others too weak. I have been using 5 gallon tanks. 50/50 ratio. With roof snot added. ( the snot is awesome by the way). I have 3 shingle roofs on Monday but I will be using my...
  18. john neilson


    Lots of logos can look the same. I dont see why a similar look is so offensive.
  19. john neilson

    For January ONLY

    The webinar will be available through the month of January, and you can watch it here: