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  1. Tony Shelton

    All the OLd Vets Tune in and JUST SAY hello

    PWI. The best use of the internet.
  2. Tony Shelton

    The six inch Mountain

    The Six Inch Mountain By Tony Shelton You've all seen them. They are located on every street in every city and town in America. If you aren't looking you could trip over one of them, without realizing how an entire industry has been changed for the worse by this mere six inches. What...
  3. Tony Shelton

    Still out for a while - In my element though

    We're about 2/3 through the Legislative Session here in Nevada and I can't wait to get back and start working on Sonitx again. Chris has taken the reigns and made sure the business ran smoothly while we have been gone. You guys may remember Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, our hero, who is a great...
  4. Tony Shelton

    Getting down to business....well, another kind of business

    Well, We're almost a month into a four month session. The alarm is set for 5:30 am every morning. Most of the time we are up long before that because there is a stack of papers an inch high we fell asleep reading the night before. We get to the Legislature building between 7 and 8am. Usually...
  5. Tony Shelton

    Getting down to business....well, another kind of business

    As you guys heard Shelly was elected to the Nevada State Legislature. We thought it would slow down after the campaign, but it looks like the campaign was a walk in the park. She found out she won at about 2am. She got her first official email from the state telling her the schedule for the...
  6. Tony Shelton

    Chasing false premises

    How many millions are spent chasing sources of pollution that science proves aren't even a danger? This paper is the result of over 30 years of continual testing regarding surfactants: This paper brings together over 250...
  7. Tony Shelton

    The INFAMOUS Exploding DE filter!!!!! NOT!

    Here is Chris' trailer from the garage cleaning at the Las Vegas Event during the garage cleaning demo. It consists of the following: Prefiltered in the Scirocco vac, then pumped into the separator. (Scirocco PEV1 - less than $2k) Then: Chamber 1 is a sock made from the Gutter Critter Skin...
  8. Tony Shelton

    Fayth Worx first appearance

    I am very proud of Fayth after speaking in front of an audience for the first time at the Las Vegas Roundtable. She spoke a little fast, but has listened to this video and learned from that and will be talking slower next time. (She is just used to talking really fast with her friends. Here...
  9. Tony Shelton

    OK, I give up. Can someone help?

    I give up. I want to keep Fayth's logo like it is because she designed it by herself. But I can't, for the life of me, convert it into a high enough quality for printing banners. Can anyone help me with this? Just email me at and let me know how much it will cost...
  10. Tony Shelton

    Roundtables change lives.

    I am so privileged to have met such good friends at Roundtables over the years. I met Ron and Scott at the Phoenix RT in 2008. It was small, only having around a dozen or so contractors there. From that roundtable Ron, Scott, Matt, Brenda and Carlos have become some of my closest friends to...
  11. Tony Shelton

    Cop- Protesters are animals.

    Ty, it's the drugs. We may as well get used to it. Barnbo
  12. Tony Shelton

    Cop- Protesters are animals.

    The citizen militia has been called in. I have a feeling the cocky and bold superiority is about to take a turn. They sure did change their tune when the Militia showed up at the Bundy Ranch. No shots were fired, no assaults, no looting - and the demi-gods left with their tails between their...
  13. Tony Shelton

    Another Fall

    Well, here's another safety issue for those of you who do commercial roofs. Today Chris and the guys were on a roof that is too tall for the lift. He has personally gone through the hatch at least 30 times over the years so he is very familiar with it. This time was different. The hatches are...
  14. Tony Shelton

    Amazing Discovery

    After years of conjecture and claims of sightings, an elusive creature as rare as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster has officially been found and documented proving that such a creature, while extremely rare, does in fact, exist. Read below about the creature formerly thought extinct. This rare...
  15. Tony Shelton

    99 F250 tranny issue

    Anyone have any idea what this is? When giving it gas it drives just fine. Gear shifts may be just a little soft. But every time I let up on the gas it wants to keep trying over and over again to go into the next lower gear over and over for a second at a time. It does it in every gear. I am...
  16. Tony Shelton

    Las Vegas Garage Cleaning Event 2013

    MYSTERY SOLVED! So Shelly and I stopped by the Rio on the way home today and looked around for that storm drain. I knew it looked different than most and thought of what it might be for, but I didn't want to say till I checked for sure. So here are the normal Las Vegas Storm drains we found on...
  17. Tony Shelton

    Las Vegas Garage Cleaning Event 2013

    This event just won't go away. Today Jim posted this on another pressure washing board claiming it was a storm drain in Las Vegas. Then John Tornebene has to chime in to back up his master: Well, this is very interesting. Especially since: 1) After living here 17 years, that doesn't...
  18. Tony Shelton

    California water restriction Updates

    Be glad we don't have a business here: This can happen folks. That is why we need to get up off our duffs and educate the public on the need for cleaning and the water wise way we do it.
  19. Tony Shelton

    Feedback for the Las Vegas Event

    Trying to get some feedback. The Tri-State Seminar, which is the annual convention for stormwater regulators and technicians for California, Arizona and Nevada begins Sept 23. On the 23rd they have have the following that we might be interested in attending: Tuesday 23rd 7:30am-8:20am -...
  20. Tony Shelton

    How Many Power Washers?

    Does anyone have access to any reliable numbers regarding how many power washing companies there are in the US?