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  1. Richard Fleming

    H1N1, take care of yourself

    I know we hear about this everyday and I know I had grown to take it a little light. Until last month and a half ago a friend of mine went into the hospital for 3 weeks with the h1n1 virus. He kept getting worse and worse. Pheumonia set in and we had his funeral the week before Thanksgiving! He...
  2. Richard Fleming

    Alabama Crimson Tide Football

    Just wanted to give all my fellow Tide fans a big Roll Tide!!!! What a way to start the season off by beating the #7 ranked team on the first game of the season!!! Roll Tide!!!!
  3. Richard Fleming

    Swine Flu prevention!

    All the schools/pre-schools/daycares around here are sending out letter about the swine flu and disinfection and prevention methods. I am going to check around with all preschools about disinfecting the playground area that the kids play on daily. Thought this would be a good idea that may at...
  4. Richard Fleming

    which axle should be the brake axle

    I am building my new rig.....about to swap an idle axle for one with brakes.....which axle would need to be the brake axle on a tandem axle 16 ft trailer? The front axle or the back axle? I have heard front and also back....anyone have any useful info to help me?
  5. Richard Fleming

    New Surface Cleaner

    Just got my new surface cleaner,,,,,Whisper Wash Big Guy. Thanks Russ for the recommendation and letting me test drive yours to see if I liked it. This is the only way to go for flat work. Easy to use, rolls great, can operate with one hand......thinking of installing a drink holder on the...
  6. Richard Fleming

    Here's a shout out!!!

    Here's a shout out to all of our customers that really appreciate what we do for them! Had a customer today thank me for the job I did for him cleaning his house and patio. He gave me a heart warmth thank you plus a $50 tip and said he would be calling me every spring to come back and clean the...
  7. Richard Fleming

    Dock before and after

    Here is a dock I did today,,,before and after...going to stain/seal it on Monday!
  8. Richard Fleming

    Caustic and wood cleaning

    I have heard alot about cleaning wood with caustic. What is a good caustic mixture to use? I assume the ones using caustic are mixing their own solutions to clean with. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  9. Richard Fleming

    Cleaning a dock on lake

    I could really use some advice on cleaning a dock that is on the lake. I have been using F 10, F 18 and F 8 from pressure tek to clean and brighten decks but would this be ok to do over the lake water. I dont want to kill any fish! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Richard Fleming

    Gutter Grenade F13

    I purchased some Gutter Grenade F13 from Bob at Pressure Tek the other day and got it in yest. Tried it out for the first time today. This is the trick to get the black stripes off gutters. It works great! Apply with brush,,,let sit......go back and apply more and use alittle muscle....let sit...
  11. Richard Fleming

    Great Fathers Day gift

    Nail gun <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt; PADDING-LEFT: 0.75pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0.75pt; PADDING-TOP: 0.75pt" vAlign=top>Fathers Day is just around the corner... </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable cellPadding=0...
  12. Richard Fleming

    New Surface Cleaner

    I am getting ready to purchase a new surface cleaner. I like the Whisper Wash Big Guy---thanks Russ for letting me demo it. I also have been looking at the Whisper Wash Ground Force. Would like to get some feed back on what you guys think of each of these, good or bad.