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  1. Paul Kassander

    Black Friday - Cyber Monday specials FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED

    Save on EBC, F9 products, Agent Clean, hoses, trigger guns, pumps and more.
  2. Paul Kassander

    Using 90 Degree fittings on Pump?

    Y trap filters are also a better choice they have less flow restriction as they do not have a 90 in them like the standard filters do. They are designed for the water to flow straight through and the debris to drop out into the screen. 90 degree elbows create restriction as there is turbulence...
  3. Paul Kassander

    Looking for some ideas on rinsing asphalt parking lots to make them go faster

    10 gpm and a 15 degree nozzle. I like the 48" lance it gives good reach and still easy to control. I start high work to the low areas. With the higher flow it is much easier to push the water and dirt out of the low areas too. you could start with getting a billy goat blower too for the precleaning
  4. Paul Kassander

    50 year old Brick Cleaning

    Here is an area I did on a building that worked pretty good, bleach would not even touch it because it was a buildup of pollutants not mildew. the area on the right was treated with F9.
  5. Paul Kassander

    All new guys Check in for a FREE GIFT here

    Welcome to all of you, we have a big stack of stuff going out today on top of the stuff we shipped last week. As you can imagine the demand it high but we are working to catch up.
  6. Paul Kassander

    Projection Screens

    HELP!! I need to find a good quality screen for events and training. Nothing too expensive but I don't want 'cheap'. I know there is at least one of you that has done a ton of research so please spill it so I know what to look for. Thank you.
  7. Paul Kassander

    Smoking Burner

    there is a smoke tester available but it is pretty expensive runs about $240 with shipping.
  8. Paul Kassander

    Tile and grout cleaning Milwaukee WI

    Here is a short video of a recent tile and grout clening we did. Warning in advance some ortions of the video the camera moves fast and is a little shakey. (too much coffee) IT does show the general procedures we use for cleaning however.
  9. Paul Kassander

    One Restore vs. F9 BARC -side by side

    I have a building that needs to be cleaned in town here and I have been trying to find a product to really get the job done. I started with a full strength bleach mix which I thought would do the trick but it did absolutely nothing. I tried a second application and still no results. I went back...
  10. Paul Kassander

    Legacy Industrial Trigger Gun Sale

    Legacy Industrial Trigger Gun Sale- One Week Only Save 18% Part # 1042 $19.82 ea - Qualifies for Free Shipping Click Here to see our trigger guns This gun is made by Suttner and is the exact replacement for the ST1500. Legacy's Industrial Trigger Gun 5000PSI, 10.4 GPM, 3/8"FPT inlet x...
  11. Paul Kassander

    Injector not sucking

    I was going to say that if they are on backward they will not work. When the injector is working you should feel the suction with your finger. If is an older one you may have dissolved the spring inside if you used a lot of bleach or acid. The spring will keep the check ball from going all the...
  12. Paul Kassander

    Twin Pump Soft Wash Generation II- Special sale pricing!

    #5400 Complete Basic system $755.00 #5401 Deluxe System $1050.00 Soft Wash Twin Pump System-Green Cleaning at its Best! No Noise- No Pollution – No Damage! Our custom built system boasts an impressive 4.7 gpm, up to 60 psi per pump, dual pump applicator. Operate with one or two persons or...
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    Best pressure washer pricing-cost plus shipping sale.

    Get the best price on your next pressure washer. Select cold water units are cost plus shipping all month long. No hoops no tricks just great pricing. Order online at or call 855-351-9274. Pro Series Belt Drive</SPAN></SPAN> Gas engine Belt Drive – Built for heavy duty...
  14. Paul Kassander

    filthy dirty tankers.

    Brad has some real good alum brightener the problem you have is the shipping expense so you will have to check with him on that. I know the more you buy the better it works out. It may be worth the investment though it goes a lot further than the cheap stuff from the auto parts store and the...
  15. Paul Kassander

    Hosetract Reels - stackable and lo pro series-free shipping

    Stack Frame Hose Reels</SPAN></SPAN> Pictured as two units each sold separately.</SPAN></SPAN> </SPAN> • Flow through shaft for universal installation</SPAN></SPAN> • Stack capability with no added parts</SPAN></SPAN> • Self-lubricating ABS bearings</SPAN></SPAN> • External swivel - heavy duty...
  16. Paul Kassander

    Cold water power washers

    Gas engine Belt Drive - Pumps turn at a lower RPM allowing for better draw from a tank, as well as producing less pump wear. STANDARD FEATURES: • Revolutionary aircraft grade aluminum frame with dual handles (no welds to fail) • Lifetime frame warranty • 50 mesh inlet filter • Adjustable...
  17. Paul Kassander

    Dual Certification Event

    Exclusive Two Day - Dual Certification Event</SPAN></SPAN> April 10-11, 2012</SPAN></SPAN> Cost per person $450.00 limited to 30 people</SPAN></SPAN> Smaller classes = More personalized attention</SPAN></SPAN> Register at</SPAN> or call 855-351-9274</SPAN></SPAN> Click...
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    Free Gift Cards -

    We are giving away free gift cards with certain detergent purchases in Febuary 2012. We call it our... Cracker Jack® - Chemical Pack Promo! Not Only are these products ON SALE but select 55 gallon detergent packs will contain a special prize that will vary from $5 to over $100 in value...
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    Graffiti Removal- All year long

    Elephant Snot- Graffiti Remover</SPAN></SPAN> ELEPHANT SNOT® Graffiti Remover is one of five "Graffiti Max" products, each custom formulated for specific removal needs. If it is a "porous" surface, then ELEPHANT SNOT Graffiti Remover is the right choice for the job. It is the workhorse for the...
  20. Paul Kassander

    Everyting you need for interior cleaning - ON SALE!

    Develop </SPAN>New</SPAN> Revenue </SPAN>Streams </SPAN>and </SPAN>Increase </SPAN>Profits</SPAN>!</SPAN></SPAN> Clean and recover in one pass! Great for tile and grout restoration, restaurant kitchens, warehouse floors, bathrooms, carpets, parking garages, and more.</SPAN></SPAN> Sirocco PEV...