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  1. Chris Francis

    I have question about graphic design file

    I have question when purchasing graphic design do you buy full editable file or just printable file.
  2. Chris Francis

    Rock Flyer

    Hey guys I have few questions. 1 Are you using rock flyer? 2 how many types of flyers are you using in Rock flyer? Last how are you keeping track of the flyer and subdivision
  3. Chris Francis

    multiple Web sites

    Does multiple domains affect your website search abillity
  4. Chris Francis

    Is a tablet beneficial to a business

    Do any of you use tablets for you businesses Andrea
  5. Chris Francis

    I need help with di tank.

    Hey guys I need some help I am looking for small but low cost di tank 1/2 Cubic Foot set up.
  6. Chris Francis

    How do you feel about your staff making sales leds

    Question how do handle your crew geting leds for sales. I was talking to a friend about sales and staff making them. She said that is nt their job to find leds and it is owner to find and make sales. I want your thoughts on that subject.
  7. Chris Francis

    help finding spring for downstream injector.

    Hey guys need some help? I tired of buying rebuild kits for downstream injector for just spring in the kit so does anyone know were to get the spring.
  8. Chris Francis

    have you heard of taxbot

    Has anyone of heard of pc/smartphone app called taxbot. I am looking for simple app that will track mileage and other exspences.
  9. Chris Francis

    mini buffer tank

    Question for DIYers has anyone ever made small or mini buffer tank for your unloader. I have seen one use 5/8 garden hose from unloader to the inlet side pressure washer just want to know if someone ever made small tank for the unloader to dump to.
  10. Chris Francis

    help with tips for surface cleaner

    I need some help on my surface cleaner I kmeep getting clogged tips. is there way to clear tip that is clogged and how can I keep from getting them clogged.
  11. Chris Francis

    free older photo shop for down loading.

    I have found really good jem that I want to let every one know about it. Adoby is no longer supporting photo shop2 CS2 so they are leting everyone to down load it for free.
  12. Chris Francis

    looking for video on rebuilding a pump

    Hey guys I have question I am looking for good video or book on how to rebuild your pump and build from scratch.
  13. Chris Francis

    Help on biding gas station cain

    Hello Guys and Gals need some help. I been asked to bid on national gas station cleaning they want me to bid on 70 stores. What they are looking to have done is sidewalk, gas station island's, parking area and the canopy. I asked them what was the range bids he was recieving was 600-1700 to me...
  14. Chris Francis

    need some help with seting up water feed pole

    I am looking for help want to get into water feed pole work but do not want donnot have alot money. I do not want to change out pole can get way with just water feed brush and some hose.
  15. Chris Francis

    How fare do you travel for commerical accounts

    How fare is your farest commerical account from your home.
  16. Chris Francis

    Hello need help with cheap vinyl windows leaving white fimal

    I have problem with customer windows the problem is every time I go to squeegee the windows I am leaving white film behind from cheap vinyl windows the builder put in. I tried to dry windows with towel but white is still there.
  17. Chris Francis

    hard water stains in travertine tile

    Hey guys I need some help I have customer that has some hard water stains around his pool deck problem is is deck is made out travertine tile. No gets harder it has been 4 years and no one has sealed the tile so the stones hard water stains inbedded deep into the stone.
  18. Chris Francis

    when are we going to get certifacation or licenses that means something.

    I am not looking to start fight here but I need ask this when is pressure washer, roof cleaner and window cleaners going to a license or certifacation that make our trade look more legit. I lost count to the number forums that have form of certifing you in the business and the certifacation does...
  19. Chris Francis

    vinyl cuter

    Question ask every one do you own vinyl cuter what have you done to make money from it.
  20. Chris Francis

    derict mailing list data minding

    Question for about your direct mail list you order. my question is this how much data mining do you. 1. age 2. race 3. Type of employment 4. Earnings 5. How much does the house cost Can you guys add to the list