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  1. Russ Johnson

    Black Friday Specials!

    Prices good through midnight 11/28.
  2. Russ Johnson

    Safety measures to take on equipment..

    When I set up a low water cut off on a Honda twin cylinder, I use a black wire with a yellow stripe. It's the fuel solenoid circuit.
  3. Russ Johnson

    Hot Box Vs Full hot water pressure washer

    You could use one of these, but you would need a generator or a way to plug up at the site, or you could run the 12 volt off your truck battery, but the truck would need to be running while it is in use.
  4. Russ Johnson

    What is a good 12v 8gpm hot box?

    Roy, you'd be much better off with a 120 volt heater to get a decent rise on the water temperature at 8 gpm. The ADC burner has a very small fan in it, so you can only put so much fuel through it before getting a sooty burn. The SDC burner will support a higher combustion rate, but you've got to...
  5. Russ Johnson

    Hydro Tek "Tanks A Lot" Special

    Package includes: SS30005VS – 3000 psi @ 4.8 gpm T185TW Tanks Skid – 200gal tank 2 stainless steel hose reels 50’ high pressure hose 100’ inlet hose. $6395.00!
  6. Russ Johnson

    surface cleaner dumping water

    There's a little o ring (#14) way up in the top of the swivel that needs to be replaced.
  7. Russ Johnson

    Unloader mounting- pump or mount block

    I wouldn't mount the green spring on the's just too heavy.
  8. Russ Johnson

    A major announcement!

    Click here for details! CLICK HERE!
  9. Russ Johnson

    Pressure Washer Base plate

    Right here...
  10. Russ Johnson

    Black Friday Sale!

    Prices good 11/29/2013. Call in only 888-243-6506
  11. Russ Johnson

    Super Swivels ON SALE NOW!

    Super Swivel, 1/2" FPT X 1/2" FPT 5,000 PSI, 400°, Greaseable Regularly $50.11 Sale price - $33.00 Plus shipping. Good through 11/30/13 Buy 4, we ship them free!
  12. Russ Johnson

    Steel Eagle Hose Reels ON SALE NOW!

    12" Steel Eagle Hose Reels Painted - $183.60 Stainless Steel - $225.60 Call in orders only. Plus shipping. Good through 11/30/2013
  13. Russ Johnson

    Noise, won't start

    That number is no good Tony. Attached is the list of possibilities...
  14. Russ Johnson

    Auction to benefit the Oklahoma storm victims.

    Your choice of Pressure Pro gas powered belt drive pressure washers: EB4035HG - 4 GPM, 3,500 PSI EB5525HG - 5.5 GPM, 2,500 PSI Either is available as a skid mount or portable with wheels. Including shipping to a commercial address with means to get it off the truck. Residential delivery and...
  15. Russ Johnson

    "Same As Cash" Financing!

    From now until 05/31/2013, Southside Equipment, Inc and The Yard Card (TD Bank N.A.) have set up "Same As Cash" financing for equipment purchases. For purchase amounts up to $1,000.00 you can get 6 months same as cash terms. For orders exceeding $1,000.00, you can get 12 months same as cash...
  16. Russ Johnson

    It's here! Lemon cover scent!

    We brought you Roof Snot, and people love it! Here's a new addition to our cleaning chemical line...Lemon-Aid. Add it to chlorine based cleaning solutions to mask the odor. A little goes a long way! Available in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails...
  17. Russ Johnson

    Pressure Washer Sale!

    Cash or certified funds in advance. Freight charges extra. Ends 02-28-2013
  18. Russ Johnson

    Possible Trojan Horse

    My Avast went off when I signed in,