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    LinkedIn For Business

    How much work you guys getting from Linkedin? I actually think its the best social media platform for business...
  2. AZ PowerWash Pros


    Not sure if anyone even uses this board anymore. But I have been using Instagram with my company But with little success. Its crazy because other business owners I know have huge success on IG but I'm not sure it works as well in the cleaning...
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    Referrizer SMS Messaging

    Does anyone use SMS marketing on this board? We recently signed up with About to try out SMS blasting....
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    Sales Video Marketing

    How many of you guys are doing Sales Video Marketing? So far we have had pretty good success! Just started really pushing them in 2017...
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    Stadium Concrete Cleaning

    Cleaning for a couple stadiums out here, these high traffic areas get dirty! Recorded the videos on SnapChat! Pretty easy to upload from SnapChat directly to Youtube... Trying to drop a lot of content...
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    Wow Its Been Awhile!

    Haven't been on this board in a long time! But thought I would stop in and say hi! I have been on the marketing and creative side of things for the past couple years. But I am back growing my cleaning companies again! It is fun incorporating all the new marketing stuff I have been learning into...
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    Cardinals Baby!!!

    I know there is a lot of Carolina power washers out there. And although I like you guys today you are my enemy! Haha Be Red See Red!! Go Cards!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Video - First Production

    I am starting to get into Video and this is my first production 100% by myself. I am pretty proud of it. Take a look and let me know your thoughts... I know there is always room for improvement. I used Adobe Premier CS6 If anyone needs any videos let me know... I might even fly out if we...
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    So in 2015 our company pretty much had everything that could possibly go wrong happen to us! It was a rough year! Although our numbers don't reflect a decrease in gross revenue, I feel like we have been boxing in the 12th round getting pounded on all year long. Where to start with all the...
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    Having Another Girl!

    Just found out my wife is pregnant with another baby girl!!!! God blessed me with raising sisters! Should be due late May or early June. I am thinking I need more guns!!! Hahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy 2016 to Me! SMH

    I got broken into on New Years at our shop!! The guys were pros. They managed to cut off our dead bolts and cut down our fence with barb wire on the other side not seen in video. They spent like 2 hours getting in. Got in and then stole a bunch of our gear. Karma will get them! Check out the...
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    Holiday Marketing is Fun!

    This is our first holiday marketing video. We are going to do more multimedia and social media marketing in the new year. Seems like everyone is moving into these hashtags so thought I would give it a shot. You guys do any holiday marketing? #santaclean #holidaysavings
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    Lost A Long Time Client

    We have been cleaning a restaurant out here for 5 years and they have always raved about our company. Then a new GM comes in without us knowing and calls us and starts making false claims about our company. Obviously, this GM was just trying to come up with a reason to cancel our services. At...
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    My Next Move

    So I have been thinking for a while now about how to continue growth in my residential side of my company. As we have been growing our commercial side has taken over majority of the sales. But I love residential income for the cash flow aspect. Been thinking about investing in something like...
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    New Building!

    We moved into a new location this week!! Its going to take a couple more weeks to get it cleaned up and the landlord to fix all the current issues. But its a GREAT location. We are almost doubling our monthly rent but we feel the move will generate more business because we have our own offices...
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    Mayweather or Pacquiao?

    So what you guys think? Is Manny going to put an end to Floyd's flawless record? Im obviously going for the Pac man but like to see what you guys think...
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    Trying Out Groupon

    We are trying out Groupon for the first time!*cr69051_i*v2_g*5_g*61149009_k*newshoppers_m*PressureWashing Obviously, this is a super...
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    I got this email today. Just wondering if anyone has used this stuff? My name is Fred, an account manager for Rhomar Industries. I want to help you remove graffiti and save water by using TAGSTER first. TAGSTER is a paint emulsifier that liquefies dry paint making it simple to remove unwanted...
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    Power Washer with Reclaim Needed in San Diego Area

    Hey guys, looking for a power washer in San Diego with reclaim. I have 26 coffee shops that need their drive-thru arrows removed for a client of mine. Guy said he has 26 locations in San Diego that need done but they require reclaim. I was going to drive down there but the price per location...