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    IGNITE 2020 - LIVE Training with Coach Carroll

    Hey if you are reading this - I want to personally invite you to hangout with me in a couple weeks at my live event! Here's a video with the full details!
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    FREE Q&A on Social Media from UAMCC National Convention

    Hey guys! Haven't been on here in a while. My team just got the audio up on my soundcloud account for the Q&A session I did in Charolette. Enjoy!
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    FREE Webinar - Hangout Series

    Go here ---> Tomorrow at 10AM EST I'll be hosting Andy Masters - Author and Speaker, on the effects of kissing your customer! ANDY MASTERS' BIO Andy Masters is an award-winning author and international speaker who has...
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    *NEW VIDEO* Time Utilization | Coach Carroll

    Are you finding that the days aren't long enough? Do wish you could become more efficient in your day to day activities? How strong are your disciplines in life? What if when problems came up I could teach you a way to make sure they never happen again? Do you know what your actual value of time...
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    S.O.S.C. Sales Method | Sales Training | Coach Carroll

    First of 4 videos in the S.O.S.C. Selling Method Series. I cover why you need to have a specific sales process/method, Staggering Sales Statistics, The S in my SOSC Selling Method.
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    FREE Webinar - Hangout Series

    Next Tuesday (12/23) Shep Hyken joins me on my Hangout Series to talk customer service. Shep is an international speaker, author and authority on Customer Service! Do your CUSTOMERS a favor and don't miss this! FREE to Attend --- 12/23 @ 3pm EST...
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    NEW VIDEO: Dealing with the Christmas Delay

    Check it out and let me know if you guys have heard this objection - Comment in the Youtube comment box! Merry Christmas!
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    FREE Webinar - Creating A Sales Process - Dec 2nd.

    Learn to close more sales and make more money - I'm going to show you how on a FREE webinar Dec 2nd! Sign up here -
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    Growth Trough Acquisition

    Freebie! I normally wouldn't post things like this but I don't want you to make a terrible mistake. . . .here is my work sheet. I take market value of the equipment x .60 = that what I'll pay for the equipment I take the EBITDA + (above) THEN use judgement to factor websites and non tangibles
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    Growth Trough Acquisition

    Curious - how many of you on here have acquired a competitor in your market? Either for Growth or to get them out of the way.... ***side note if there is anyone on here in Louisville, Cincinnati or Indianapolis that would like to speak about acquisition of your company PM me....
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    Heat Realated Illness/Injury

    Guy's just a heads up - OSHA is really cracking down on heat related injuries. If you have employees and they experience a heat related injury or illness and you have not documented a training session on identifying and preventing these illnesses/injuries - OSHA may come back and fine you...
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    Indianapolis based equipment and book of business for sale

    All the details are in this CL post ... let me know if you have any questions .... I'm getting about 2-3 leads per week...
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    No Appointment Walk In | Sales Training Louisville Cincinnati Indianapolis
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    Don't Fall in Love | Sales Coaching Louisville Cincinnati Indianapolis
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    Co-Op Advertising Video with my bank
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    Work order question

    I put it in the "estimate" aka work order but in the editing I removed that field so the program keeps pricing to move it over for invoicing but it doesn't show .... here is an example.
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    Sales Master Mind Group - SPECIAL PRICING

    I will be starting a new Sales Master Mind group the first week of April. This will be for the cleaning industry only! We will run the same schedule and structure as we do with all of our Master Mind groups ...
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    FREE Atlantic City! Pressure Wash / SoftWash / Roof Cleaning / Window Cleaning

    Finishing up the work book this weekend. Over 100 pages of course content and resources that will be free to everyone courtesy of the UAMCC!
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    Gas Station Sales?

    This graphic is in my coaching/presentations to cover your point exactly Tony.
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    Work Order Procedure

    Here is EasyPro's .... How do you train your guys on work orders? EasyPro Work Orders Our work orders are designed to help build a relationship between you and our customers. It also helps keep track of any and all jobs we perform for our customers as they are loaded into the cloud on the...