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  1. Alexy

    sold my hood cleaning business

    Actually amazed this forum is still up and running.
  2. Alexy

    Thanks Hannay reels

    I liked the thank you for saying good things about hannay Reels
  3. Alexy

    Anyone having issues with TGS besides me?

    The forum is ate up with add on tool kits
  4. Alexy

    Virus on pwi

    I just went there this AM and the Norton and avast both picked up a new version of the black hole toolkit version 11 on TGS
  5. Alexy

    China steals the stealth plane plans flies last week

    This should make the citizens of the united states sleep better at night knowing this garbage is going on.
  6. Alexy


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  7. Alexy

    hood cleaning helper is runing a special on duct spinners

    I am sure everybody on here knows Ant from The web page is running a special on thier inexpensive and VERY effective duct spinners. there is a labor day sale on them this weekend go there and look down on the facebook section and you will see the add and the code to...
  8. Alexy

    Distraught man flies plane into IRS building in Texas

    Anyone see the story about the man who was getting taken to court for taxes by the IRS he lit his house on fire and then flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin TX Training Providers Here is his suicide...
  9. Alexy

    Anyone know what Pressure washing company these murderers worked for?

    If you have been following the story of the FL couple who were murdered in thier home by 8 subjects the story said the following: "The surveillance videos led investigators to a red van used as a used as a getaway car and eventually to the suspects, a loosely connected group of mostly day...
  10. Alexy

    Montana vs the federal govt on Guns

    law. I mean REVOLUTIONARY. The State of Montana has defied the federal government and their gun laws. This will prompt a showdown between the federal government and the State of Montana . The federal government fears citizens owning guns. They try to curtail what types of guns they can own. The...
  11. Alexy

    OuterBanks SteakHouse Kitty Hawk NC

    While on vacation I had the honor of watching the Outerbanks Steakhouse in Kitty Hawk NC burn to the ground today. I will keep you posted s to why it started.
  12. Alexy

    HAppy Birthday Josh

    29 ...almost dead....:p
  13. Alexy

    Looking to get a new gas powered skid

    Ok folks I am in the market for a gas powered skid that is pushing about 3500 -4000 PSI and 3.5-4.0 GPM flow. Just curious if this combo works for people in KEC and what brand has worked for them. Sound off and Thanks in advance!
  14. Alexy

    Anyone got any good leads on a mailing list?

    I am looking at improving my mailing list that we do through Post card mania.Just wondering what anyone else is using or getting thier mailing list from.
  15. Alexy


    Just curious to see what people are using for a foaming agent (specificly in restaurant hood cleaning), \where they are getting it and how much it is running. We are getting ready to start using caustic with a foaming agent through a mean foamer 5 and just want to see what works.