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    Extra equipment for sale!!

    So we sold Confident Roof Cleaning. But going through our garage we had some extra stuff that the buyer didnt need so I need to sell it. Let me know if you're interested. Prices does not include shipping. Please DONT call the phone number that ends in "6117"!! Call 713 817 3860 2- 125...
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    Confident Roof Cleaning equipment for sale

    I am selling Confident Roof Cleaning. A much larger opportunity has come up and its time to move on. 2008 F250 - 65k miles - White - super crew - 2 wheel drive - bed liner in the bed and coating the entire underside under the bed - Power windows and locks ~ $21k Full softwash skid system ~ 1...
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    Rain Rain Go Away

    We've only had 1.5" since february 1st. we are in a severe drought and about to be in an extreme. I think my water bill at home has been more than my fuel bill. Lol.
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    Dont listen to this...

    This is a local talk radio guy here in Houston. He'll get you worked up quick. Listen to the whole thing
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    XJet Kings!! Jeff L. aint got nothin on us!!

    Ok well maybe that's a stretch!! This is the first building we've ever Xjetted, we've always used a dedicated pump. But today is kinda windy and most of the building didn't have access for a lift so it had to be done from ladders and the ground. Jeff if you ever need pointers, just call me! LOL
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    Donald Trump - Who would vote for him?

    Who'd vote for him???
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    Following Tonys lead

    Ive decided to not frequent the industry boards anymore. At least until the summer time. I spend way too much time on here that I could be spending either relaxing or trying to grow my business. I find I cant even sit through a movie without wondering if theres anything interesting going on...
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    DropBox Anybody use it? It is an app for your desktop that you can open and drop all of your files into and then access the from any other device and from anywhere in the world. Basically its an online server. I dowloaded the app onto all 3 office computers, my ipads, and my Droid...
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    Confident Roof Cleanings NEW office space.

    We finally got moved back into a new office. This one is WAY better than our last (and only 10 minutes from home. The last office was almost 30 minutes). It sits at about 1900 sqft total. 2 Offices, a bathroom, and a 30x40 concrete pad out back with a drain for cleaning and a barbed wire fence...
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    Confident Roof & Exterior Cleanings New Spray rig

    Here it is finally. Built by SoftWash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Systems and sold by Took it out for its trial run today. Just a small 2000 sqft shingle roof and it worked like a dream. Here's what its got: 1. Fully welded aluminum frame with ladder rack. 2. Two 125gl tanks. One for...
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    Safe Apartment Roof Cleaning Houston TX

    Confident Roof & Exterior Cleaning specializes in large and small Multi family apartment and condo roof and exterior cleaning. We are also proud members of the Houston Apartment Association, the Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association. Here is a look at a project...
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    Roof anchor - No need to find a tie off point

    I was just reading the thread about Jonathan Ellis and saw that one of Henrys guys just fell off a roof and thought it would be a good time to post this. The biggest excuse I hear about guys not using a harness or tieing off, is that 1. They dont want to drill holes in the roof for an anchor...
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    Got the truck wrapped!!

    Whattya think?
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    Confident Roof & Exterior Cleaning Supports Cleaning for Heroes

    After Torreys initial thread HERE about the Cleaning for Heroes organization, I got excited to help out. 2 days later she sent me our first client, the next day I drove out and met Mr. & Mrs. Hero and did an evaluation of their home's exterior. We decided instead of just doing the roof, we were...
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    Pictures on Ipad

    Soooo, I cant figure out how to create different albums, delete pictures, rearrange pictures etc...Ive search online with no real answers. Those of you using them, could you help me out?
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    Had a little fun with this video...
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    Be my friend...finally!

    I finally got my Facebook page up. Please go "Like" my page!!
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    Wood stain on concrete!!

    How do you get wood stain off of concrete? My dad owns a door refinishing business and one of his employees got some stain on a customers sidewalk, then tried to clean it with a papertowel and made the stain bigger then tried to clean it with a bucket of water. Haha Ive never cleaned stain so I...
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    KBK is back

    Just got this email from keith. Looks like he's back. Ill be ordering some business cards tomorrow. As you are probably well aware, I have been off the radar in recent months. This was a very unfortunate result of compounding factors that forced me to all but completely vacate my post for far...
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    Bet yall didnt know

    Today is 2 days after Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in a Delorean in 1985.