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  1. TheCleaningDoc

    Great Tire Savings Nationwide!

    I know that some have an adversion to running retreads or recaps because of the big trucks. But honestly, how many recaps have you seen fail on pickups? (those that are old enough to remember them) I have been running them for 30 years when I can find them and have only had one failure. I have...
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    NASA to lasso an asteroid

    Talk about wasting out tax dollars. The budget that is going to be presented by the president that was forced on us will have $100 million for the planning of NASA capturing an asteroid. That does not include the proposed budget of $2.6 billion to actually capture it and who knows how much to...
  3. TheCleaningDoc

    New Cleaning Magazine

    I got this notification from a contact on LinkedIn. This magazine focuses on house cleaning and such so it is not a pressure washing magazine but there are ideas in there that may be helpful to you.
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    Is your country founded by geniuses and run by idiots?

    Food For Thought: If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing withouta license, but not for being in the country illegally .... you mightlive in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots. If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or take an aspirin in...
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    Komifornia is going too far.

    I am sure some of you have read about the gun confiscation in California. You can read the article here In the mean time, a few days ago I started a new site that is just random rambling...
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    Can Individual Freedom return to this country?

    Here are some posters for you Tony
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    Handicap Parking

    Today I had to go to Lowes. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a driver looking for a parking space. I flagged the driver and pointed out a handicapped parking space that was open and available. The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said, "I'm not handicapped!"...
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    pets photos

    First one is Rocko. He is shepherd/red heeler and ?. He is about 1.5 now. The second one is Dozer. Austrialian Shepherd/border collie about a year old. He likes to sleep under the old foundation that some one built out of pallets, especially in the heat of the day. They do not like it when bears...
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    Guess who shows up at my house this morning?

    It is already here and we decided to skip fall. Went from 80 degrees on Monday, 70 degrees on Tuesday to this.... There is 5 inches on the ground and it is still falling.
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    Rant on the federal budget

    There is language that would be detrimental to sensitive ears....
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    A few little things around the house...

    These guys are a couple of weeks old now. Here is a photo 4 days after they were born. Some places around this country will not even allow you to have rabbits, can you believe that? Here is a photo of momma With this one litter, I have doubled the size of the herd from 5 to 10 with more...
  12. TheCleaningDoc

    American Airlines needs a boycott!

    I have always hated to fly on American Airlines along with Delta Airlines but this article takes the cake and I will NEVER fly on American Airlines again. Even if they are the only airline going where I need to be, I will get close and drive before they get any of my money...
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    Turn your site into a mobile web application!

    With mobile being the most talked about part of the internet today, changes are coming fast and soon the old standard web sites will become obsolete. Get ahead of the curve by turning your WordPress web site into a mobile application. See a demo here or scan Turn...
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    Getting towards the end of the season. Time to plan to shift gears.

    Once again, even though it is summer still, it is time to start planning to switch gears and be ready when the seasons change and you have to find something else to do. Once again I have pages available for Ice Dam Removal The site is and is ranking well for several...
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    Own your local area with multiple sites.

    Here is something for you all to ponder.... Most everyone has a web site and most rank pretty well but what about multiple sites? I have a customer that 2 years ago we picked one service that he did and created 7 different sites around that service. We also made it so that when he posts to the...
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    More Gun Restrictions Proposed

    States that do not suprise me are pushing for more gun bans because of the Colorado shooting.<< a="">> Now their excuse is that they want to slow down the reloading of assult weapons. The only thing that would slow that...
  17. TheCleaningDoc

    Screw the tax man switch to barter.

    Read this article where a small VA farmer was fined 15k after having a birthday party on her property. The government does not want us to be self reliant. Without control of the food we eat, they have no control over us...
  18. TheCleaningDoc

    Budget Websites

    After another thread posted earlier this week, I started to crunch some numbers to see what I could do to help those on a budget. After some careful thought and some discussion with others, I have come up with an affordable option for those that can not build their own sites or want one better...
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    WARNING!!! Beware of a drop in ranks prior to being contacted about seo services.

    I was on a SEO forum today and read a post there that has me concerned for everyone and it also gives SEO companies bad names. Here is the basics of what he is doing to blackmail/extort fees from his potential clients. A little knowledge first, a 301 redirect is a permanent way to tell the...
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    Free - Best roof cleaning photo contest !!!

    Here is a one from a few years back, love the red shingles