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  1. crfguy168

    Montgomery Alabama Roof Cleaning

    This was a roof cleaning we did last week in Montgomery Alabama. Turned out great. Also washed the house and concrete. Picture was before a few final touch ups. Quality Pro Wash, LLC 334-652-1878 Montgomery AL Pressure Washing Pike Road AL...
  2. crfguy168

    Been a while, but back at it!

    Got completely out of the business back in 2015. Had been at it full time for over 5 years and over 10 years total. Still pursuing my passion in another field but picked up a new rig just because my phone keeps ringing after all these years and I kind of miss it. Ready to wash a few buildings...
  3. crfguy168

    Help me and my girls! Click the link above and help me and my girls win a shirt from our CrossFit box. My girls will be forever grateful!! :) Picture with most likes wins. Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. crfguy168

    New yard sign tell me what you think..

    Those are long gone. Here's the ones we use now for completed jobs.. .
  5. crfguy168

    Only 19 yrs old...

    So at about 7:45 this morning, two houses down from me a 19 yr old kid was grousomley murdered. You see it on T.V. all the time, but when it's this close to home it becomes very surreal.. They know who did it, but still haven't caught him yet. Just been a crazy day on my street. I think the...
  6. crfguy168

    New Record!!!

    Im pretty sure I have set a new record for the past two days for a one man show!! I have cleaned a Post office Small cafe 2 Gas stations 17 house washes A fleet of 15 trucks And 6 huge canvas awnings!!! Pictures to follow in just a little while..
  7. crfguy168


    My wife's sister was in a fatal car accident Saturday. She was only 28 yrs old. Please send your prayers for the entire family, as today is the viewing and tomorrow is the actual funeral. My wife has taken it pretty hard as she was probably the closest to her out of six siblings. Gonna be a...
  8. crfguy168

    This thread just made me over $900 Customer found this thread while searching and said she called me from the number in my signature! Roof cleaning, Housewash, deck cleaning, and driveway!!
  9. crfguy168

    Please Vote!!! My Brother, Jason Jones is competing to be able to sing the national anthem at the SLE Rodeo here in Montgomery! Click the link and you will see he is the only male competing!! To vote, you have to send an email to...
  10. crfguy168

    Keep it or Drop it??

    Proof for new logo.. Should I drop the man with the wand or leave it??
  11. crfguy168

    Seo 101

    This site has some really helpful tips if you are trying to get your rankings up. Also the 2nd page squashes alot of myths about rankings and search engines!!
  12. crfguy168


    Joe goes to the Super Bowl. His seat is in the nosebleed section, but at least he's at the Super Bowl. He starts looking around the stadium with his <NOBR>binoculars</NOBR> and sees a guy about 5 rows off the field on the 50 <NOBR>yard</NOBR> line with an empty seat beside him. This is...
  13. crfguy168

    Better late then never!

    Ole Santy Clause finally made it around to my parts today!!
  14. crfguy168

    Cool Tool!!!

    I dont know much about windows but this thing sure looks like it could get the job done!!
  15. crfguy168

    Just thinking again... I always see these types of setups on ebay for "Sewer Jetting" and knowing that many of us have high flow capabilities, is this not something that we could be doing in...
  16. crfguy168

    Business feature ideas?? Going to be recording here Jan 6th... I wanted to get some input from you guys...I have to come up with 5 questions for them to ask me. Definitely going to include a ? about the Low pressure cleaning. What else...
  17. crfguy168

    Sick of it!!!!

    Got so sick and tired of working for beer money so I decided to just do an even trade!!!! J/k....Here's a little one we did today... The clean square is where I did the demo about a week ago..
  18. crfguy168

    Thanks Ron!!!

    Got my reflective decals today and they look great!!!