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    Micro-Rigs roof cleaning

    There must be a setting that will allow forum signatures to be seen, if you are logged in or not. Thanks for looking into this Ron!
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    Micro-Rigs roof cleaning

    Hey, off topic a bit but WTF is going on with this forum ? I have been subscribed to this thread for years, and when I got an email telling me there was a new post in the thread, I came here to this forum, and found out that everyone's forum signatures, including mine, were GONE! Of course, I...
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    Bagging downspouts

    The SH is two components, one is the chlorine, the other one is Salt. Even Bad chemical still has the Salt in it. This is one reason why we don't add fresh chemical to "revive" old chemical in our tanks. It is better to get rid of the bad chemical completely, otherwise you are making an...
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    Phelps wand parts list

    Good Question Russ! It has been over 10 years since I last saw him, here in Tampa. He seemed to disappear from the Forums, but then so has everyone else. Facebook has literally KILLED our Forums. I heard he had some health issues, so I hope he is OK.
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    What you need to know about air pumps

    Every single one of these Big Tile Roofs Were Cleaned with Air Diaphragm Pumps. They are the only roof cleaning pumps that will hold up to the Tile Strength Roof Cleaning Chemicals, for very long. In fact, they are one of the very few pumps actually MADE to spray nasty chemicals!
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    Phelps wand parts list

    I wonder what ever happened to Don Phelps ? I seldom come on forums anymore, even my own. LOL, like everyone else, I seem to be stuck on Facebook, or making more websites
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    Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

    This old website of mine has been neglected so I thought I would give it a little link love, LOL Nice to stop by here again, it sure has been awhile since I have been on here, or any forum.
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    New to forum

    This is NOT the Forum to leave Spam On!
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    New to forum

    Really Good Ron, enjoying my retirement! My Son is 3 weeks out, so business is good. My Granddaughter turns 5 tomorrow, so I will be going to her birthday party.
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    SEO Stuff....

    One can not overstate the importance of good, fresh content, when it comes to SEO these days. I have seen several newer roof cleaning sites outrank old established sites, because they kept adding fresh content, on a regular basis. Yes, backlinks, site maps, internal links, etc, etc are still...
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    New to forum

    Welcome to the Forum !
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    Here is how to Stop killing landscaping !! Roof Cleaning by Gerald Vess

    It is always a good idea to watch your run off, when cleaning any roof. We seldom use any soaps or surfactants either because they make the chemicals stick to the plants and grass more, exactly what you DON'T Want!
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    Schools & certification programs for roof cleaning & pressure washing.

    No, we still only offer one certification for roof cleaning, but we do have a new diploma.
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    Free Roof Cleaning SEO Help Group

    The winter is the time for all roof cleaners to work on the SEO of their websites. One way we do this, is to provide relevant links to our websites from places that Google trusts. Google created Google Groups, and so it trusts them! Unlike Facebook Groups, these Google Groups are wide open to...
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    Tamp Roof Cleaning google Rank Changed ?

    See for yourself, Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa owns 8 out of 10 first page spots in a Google Search for Roof Cleaning Tampa.
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    New Ways To Run 12 Volt Roof Cleaning Pumps

    There are several reasons why 12 volt roof cleaning pumps fail. A few years ago, I was sought out by the Northern Tool Engineering Team for consultation, and some of my ideas for increased reliability, were incorporated in their line of North Star 12 volt pumps. I am meeting (again) with the...
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    Msking The Smell Of The Roof Cleaning Chemicals

    Many roof cleaner over the years have asked me what chemical are needed to hide or cover the smell of the roof cleaning chemicals. You cannot simply dump just any chemical into a tank of roof cleaning mix, and chlorine stability is a must. The needed chlorine stable masking chemicals are not...
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    Big Tile Roof On Tampa Bay

    Here are some before and after pictures of us cleaning this roof that was right on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach,Florida. The view from the top of this roof was just awesome, and we could see all the way across the Bay to downtown Tampa! Our customer just bought this multi million dollar waterfront...
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    Flyers For Roof Cleaning - Headlines That Have Worked

    I like you too Brother Ralph! My lungs are toast from cleaning so many roofs now, plus I am almost 60 years old. But trust me, I was one bad mo fo, back in my day. Our entire family literally lived in the Gym. Here is my brother Jamie Tucker...