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    X-Jet versus M-Jet Which do you prefer?

    I'm looking to purchase one of the high pressure soap applicators and want to get some feedback from those of you who have one or both of the "Jet" models and which you prefer and why... All the best, Mike
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    Foam/Suds control

    Okay folks, Most of us have run into the same problems when mixing a batch of roof or siding mix and many of us already have our ways of dealing with the problems associated when the need arises for a second, third or so on batch of mix. Foam and suds control when filling a tank to near...
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    Cold Season Approaching

    Well folks, As much as I don't like the fact that we are closing in on the winter season, It's coming.... For everyone who lives in a "cold" or "colder" region, How are you doing? I'm running around like a one legged bandit trying to schedule the most temperature sensitive accounts and than the...