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  1. scottwash

    New rig 550 gallon tank

    Added my 2nd rig and went with a 8 gpm with 550 gallon tank for doing remote sidewalks. It also be use for mostly for commercial and some residential. It pulls great with my new dual axle trailer with brakes with 5500 axles. Check it out below Call Integrity...
  2. scottwash

    Water pole for cleaning 65ft Reach Pro 7

    Window cleaning at 75ft Florida Tony thank you for the info. They were some good points on the reach it pole. With a 5year warranty was one.
  3. scottwash

    Water pole for cleaning 65ft Reach Pro 7

    Any one use a Reach Pro 7 = looking to pick this pole up for some windows 60ft. cost is $2890. Just wonder how it compares to some other ones that are in that height range.
  4. scottwash

    Happy Birthday Larry Millette

    Happy Birthday Larry, Had a great time with Larry and his wife on his Birthday. I have not laugh that much in a long time, It was non stop from the time you were here and all the texting you sent me. You need to get a agent and do your true calling. Thank you buddy, I look forward to...
  5. scottwash

    Where to buy a 325 gal water tank in Florida

    Looking for a new 325 gal tank with legs. and a 100 gal. I have a price for $485. for the 325gal but that is without shipping. Looking in Florida
  6. scottwash

    Looking at a new surface cleaner

    Hey I am looking for a good surfacecleaner that is a floater, does anyone have one of these Mosmatic Commercial Surface Cleaner 21<o:p></o:p> How welldoes the skit hold up? And does itfloat, it seems lighter than the plastic ones. It will be using for 6gall and hot water,
  7. scottwash

    Contest through 8/25 - What is the most unique use of a Pressure Washer?

    Out door movie screen pressure washed We pressure a lot of odd stuff, you never know when the phone rings. Last one was a skate park for the City.
  8. scottwash

    Shark Hot Water Skid, April Special

    Hot Water skid Here it is coming in on the skid, almost 1000pounds. Its a work horse, 24hp Honda w/gen. I had steam coming out the other day, dang it gets hot. Had to turn it down I don't like running it that hot. I ran 2 guns off it for popping gum. Great price Phil.
  9. scottwash

    Flagler Beach Pier getting Pressure Wash 386.986.0797

    We just soft wash the Flagler Beach Sign and surface cleaned the sidewalks in front of the pier. It was a cool job; really cool when we arrived it was 34 degrees out. But as always it warms up quick in Florida. Also the Funky Pelican Restaurant brought out some great breakfast for us at no...
  10. scottwash

    Free FREE FREE Hose Russ Johnson Southside equipment give Aways Just Post

    Rebuild surface cleaner from Russ This is one of the rebuilds on this surface cleaner, with a new skirt, and swivel from Russ. Back and running like new. Thank you Russ
  11. scottwash

    Base fee on using hydant meters

    Hydrant meter question I was Pressure washing miles of curbing and sidewalks. When I got my first bill from the water department they hit me with a Base Fee of well over$150. This is not for water or hook up or deposit. It was for sewer and other things as I was told. I have used meters...
  12. scottwash

    Hooking up pump

    Just pick up this new pressure washer and went with a dual water feed for both sides of the pump 3/4 ID. Also bypass using a ID of 1/2 inch on the 6gmp pump, back to the tank and got rid of the float tank. I am putting the 2 filters in but not sure if there will do the trick of pulling small...
  13. scottwash

    float tank question

    Just brought a new shark pressure washer that has a float tank in it. My question is am running off a water tank along with 3 other pressure washers. Should I do away with the float tank and go to the low pressure side of the pump and single or dual feed it? The reason I would do away with the...
  14. scottwash

    shark hot water skid for sale

    I got a email and this guy wants to sell his new pw not really what I am looking for. I am looking for a honda 8gpm 3500 hot w/skid that has a small foot print. To replace my hot water Landa. But if the price is right. What do you think? pallet hot water unit made by shark 24hp...
  15. scottwash

    Hard water spots removed from windows, Florida

    Hard water removed off windows. Found a great product that I used along with sealing it. Came out great.
  16. scottwash

    Bypass problem Thank you Russ

    Just replace a new unloader today but couldnt get it above 2300 psi. I tryed a few things but didnt change much,:scratchhead: so I was thinking it was packing. I called Russ to order it. :help: told me to try a few things first. Dang you are good. It was going into bypass just like your...
  17. scottwash

    Bar Code on business card

    Anyone know where you can get a free bar code for putting on your business cards, and trucks? (for the scans for smart phones) Thank you
  18. scottwash

    The Average life on Landa Hot Water Honda Pressure washing engine?

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  19. scottwash

    Winter Jam 2012 Concert

    Just saw the winter jam concert, it was unreal of a show with 10 top artist. I took my family and only cost $10. a piece. Tony you and yours would love it. The songs were great well put together show. Everyone really enjoyed it. Check out the web site should be coming close to you...
  20. scottwash

    Best way to clean a Check Valve

    My pressure washer had some virbation, took out check valves and one is not seating right. I can suck air thru it. I tryed to see if any dirt is in there but looks clean. Also try some chem for about 3min. Still not working right, any ideas of how to clean it?