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    I think it needs a good flush!

    I was in NYC the other day and stopped in a deli in a pretty upscale area to grab some breakfast and started talking to the owner.He had an 8' hood with a 6' lateral that went to a 90 degree elbow then straight up,and the fan was on the roof.The store was on the ground floor of a 5 story...
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    uv light exhaust hood

    I was just reading a restaurant trade magazine"restaurant startup & growth" August 2004,and they have a good article on restaurants controlling grease.In the article they mention a new exhaust system that has a uv light system that zaps the grease vapors,and turns the grease vapors into carbon...
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    Blue Beacon

    I brought our Daycab Peterbilt and 45' aluminum walking floor trailer to the BLUE BEACON today (we do construction demolition),we usually wash it ourselves but I just felt like running it through and get on with the holiday weekend.I had them wash the tractor and trailer,and brighten the...
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    I follow this bbs regularly,but rarely post,enjoy all the great information shared,and the occasional flare ups,which are usually settled in a friendly way.I was wondering what else you offered your customers,I realize some of you are licensed fire supression system contractors,and some install...
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    urine odor on wood floor

    Hi I am trying to clean a wood floor in the back of a small box truck that was used to haul show dogs.The floor has a heavy urine smell.I tried using zep deodorizing cleaner,then I tried scented bleach,I then tried professional strength lysol.The urine smell is still present.I am thinking about...