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  1. Jon

    test post only

    This is a test post and has nothing to do with PW or Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. Life and Letters of Tchaikovsky
  2. Jon

    For sale trailer ready to work and reclaim.

    Complete trailer set up for reclaim. 12,000 GVW Big Tex trailer, 2.5/16 ball, 6 way plug and loom. 8 x 14 with electric jack. New tires including spare. 3000 PSI. 5 GPM. Up and Down stream. 220 gallon tank. 135 gallon tank. 35 gallon chemical tank. MD36 reclaim system by Water Treatment...
  3. Jon

    Movin' On.

    Hey all the time has come to roll up my hoses put away the wands and drain the tanks. Life has been good, pressure washing even better and all the friends I have made over the years on the boards, in person, at the PWNA conventions and even my local competitors I have met and had lunch with...
  4. Jon

    Tanks for sale

    Two 130 gallon tanks for sale. one white, one black like new. Cost $396 each. Asking $165 each. tanks look like this but fittings are not as pictured. Size: 30"W x 60"L x 18"H
  5. Jon

    What's Going On?...

    One evening Bob's boss needed to call him about an urgent problem with the computer. He dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered, "Hello?" Feeling put out at the inconvenience of having to talk to a youngster, the boss asked, "Is your daddy home?" "Yes,"...
  6. Jon

    program starts when Email opens

    Something strange has started happening on my wife's computer. She uses Outlook Express for her Email, she also has AIM which is not configured to auto log on when Windows boots up. What started happening the other day is whenever she opens Outlook Express Aim opens too. Cannot find any...
  7. Jon

    burner question

    I recently installed a new thromostat, factory orginal for All American, it is about 3 month old and works fine compared to the after market one it replaces. My problem is the last couple weeks I have to turn it up higher to get heat, normally run it at 180° but does not seem to be hot so now...
  8. Jon

    personal information about You.

    Guys and gals somehow over 5 years worth of personal information about all you pressure washers is gone, names, addresses, business names, phone numbers(both business and homes, cells) lost. In many cases I had your wife's or hubbys names, birthdates, other information and it is gone. No...
  9. Jon

    John Orr

    <marquee>Happy Birthday John Orr:D</marquee>
  10. Jon

    Happy Birthday

    Rick of ProWash, yeah you the Texan <marquee>Happy Birthday.</marquee> Jon
  11. Jon

    Pet Pieve's

    Mean Papa did you change brands of BEER? Or Are you just being MEAN to us again! Try this, why is it you still see cars made in the teen's,20's, 30's 40's and 50's still running strong and all orginal yet cars built from the 60's on are considered planned obsolescense? There was a battery...
  12. Jon

    data on hard drive

    My neighbor cannot access his hard drive, his old computer had a power supply surge up then die. The hard drive did not fry but it cannot be accessed. Anyone know how to be able to get his data off it? Please don't talk about having backups of things as I think he knows pretty well that...
  13. Jon

    Ron & Scott pictures.

    I am just following the example of my fearless leader that I am walking in Lockstep behind. Scott As we see above Scott says he is just following the guy below! I'm holding Scotty to his word, he said if i put my photo he would put his....LOLOLOLOL Lets see?????????? Now it just so...
  14. Jon

    Big Guy spinner bar and seal kit

    Ok who was it that I promised to sell the new spinner bar and seal kit to when I bought the Steel Eagle? This is for the 28" one. Well speak up since I could not find the Email asking for it if I were to sell it.
  15. Jon

    What Scott read and rebuttal to another in the current Coscto Connection.

    To all who have read what Scott Stone said about a letter to editor in Costco Connection, another person, this one a Dr. no less claims no way so I sent in another rebuttal and I post it as it is below. ____________________________________________________ This is what Scott is talking about, my...
  16. Jon

    My suggestion for new EPA rules.

    New EPA rules, all States. All retailers, distributors, wholesalers, manufactures, and any other group that sells any type of pressure washer, hot or cold, home use or industrial are herby informed that there is a 44 minute video of proper use of pressure washers and more importantly how to and...
  17. Jon

    Surface cleaners

    They say you can't beat a dead horse, well why not? My Big Guy is dying rather fast on me, was just fine two weeks ago, went to replace spinner bar and it will not budge, then I noticed the base is splitting off from the top, no point in welding it, last week had the handle break and welded it...
  18. Jon

    Happy New Years

    By hook or crook I shall be the first to post in this book. Happy New Years all. Shall it be better for all in health and wealth. Jon and Remy
  19. Jon

    A question for PWNA board to answer.

    I was asked this in Email from a pressure washer who I know, rather then try to explain I would like to see what the board has to say on this subject. (also posting on PWNA board). ---------------------------------------------------------------- I have talked to PW people that have never...
  20. Jon

    Time it is announced

    Many of you ask me both here and by Email why I am not a member of the PWNA yet I seem to be all in favor of it now. Ok so I will come out, I will admit I am a proud member, ARE YOU YET? Instead of saying what can it offer me, ask yourself what can you offer the PWNA, it will grow and change...