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  1. Eric and Jenny

    If You Need a Laugh Today...

    Hey Guys, I know it's been a while so I hope no one minds that I post this. We made our own version of the Harlem Shake over the weekend at my best friend's wedding shower in Seabrook, Texas!! She is the one at the beginning dancing on her own and I am the one in the pink hat. Eric is also in...
  2. Eric and Jenny

    EBC Review - House Wash

    Hey Guys/Gals, I hope business is well for everyone! Spring has definitely sprung. I finally finished our video review of a house wash using EBC. (Movie Maker 2011 makes me want to stab myself in the eye, so with that being said, please excuse the blips here and there.) :) Take a peep...
  3. Eric and Jenny

    New Stuff in the World of Gulf Coast

    Hey Guys, It's been a little bit, lol. Just thought I'd share a few pics...things have been crazy lately! Lets see, I had the baby June 16th. We named him Tracen Asher Tennessee Flinn :) He is the sweetest, most calm and happy baby... Since having him, I quit my full time job to stay home...
  4. Eric and Jenny

    Foamer Mix?

    Ok guys n girls.... I have my concentrate @ 55gal drum with 100#beads and 50#potash How much concentrate should i have inorder to make a 5 gal drum of foamer mix? I use the dawn concentrate for surfactant. I just bought a twinline from as foamit)Just having trouble getting...
  5. Eric and Jenny

    Steel Eagle fury for sale

    Hey guys, I've got a 2400DTL im thinking of selling. Upgraded to a 8 gpm pump!! 50hp Isuzu diesel Vacuum Genset (4000watts I think) Vacuum hose, 55gal primary and oil/water separator Call if your interested Eric
  6. Eric and Jenny

    Any dog lovers care to help me out?

    Hey guys, its Jen. I was wondering if any of you who have Facebook pages would care to help me out in a contest that I have entered? Sadie, our 11 year old Chihuahua has recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Basically, the vet told me that it was the beginning of the end for...
  7. Eric and Jenny

    Happy Birthday Scott D!

    A July baby also!! :happy-birthday::woot: Have a good one!! ~Jen and Eric
  8. Eric and Jenny

    Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Babe!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love::happy-birthday::happy-birthday::kiss3: Eric
  9. Eric and Jenny

    "Look dude, I suggest that I be the LAST person you call"

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd share a funny little thing that happened to us today. Eric got a call today from a guy wanting a quote for 27k worth of concrete cleaning. Lots of gum. Eric was busy but talks to the guy, gives a ball park quote (without being able to see it) and that was the end...
  10. Eric and Jenny

    New Hood Cleaning Division Texas

    Hey Guys, We announced yesterday, via our company Facebook page, that we are now officially offering hood and exhaust cleaning! It's been a little while coming, and with the help of a few pretty awesome friends, Eric is off to a great start. We will service our first quarterly account this...
  11. Eric and Jenny

    Truck for sale

    Hey guy's Im selling my F-150 call me if your interested. You can see it on our website asking 3k Eric
  12. Eric and Jenny

    Website Blog

    <HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Ok all you internet-savy folks... For those of you who blog on your website....which service do you use? I would like to start a blog for ours but I want to know the best way to go about...
  13. Eric and Jenny

    Need Your Help Guys

    Ok. We are officially stumped. We have been working on this building since Friday. The main part of the building has given us nothing but problems. The surface appears to be some sort of concrete with small rocks embedded in it. (I included a close up so you could see). Underneath the...
  14. Eric and Jenny

    CWA Compliant Baby!

    I have been meaning to post a few pics of our commercial/environmental rig. It is a Fury DHTL 2400 Diesel powered wash & capture system from Easy Clean Systems. Our thanks to Mark for all his help! We are still trying to decide on a name for her.....:D ~Jen
  15. Eric and Jenny

    RIP "Mask", TapouT co-founder

    If you are big MMA fans like we are, then you are familiar with the clothing company TapouT. There was even a reality tv show based upon the co-owners, the clothing, and the fighters they sponsored. I just read online today that "Mask" aka Charles Lewis (co-owner) was killed in a car...
  16. Eric and Jenny

    Good Weekend

    Over the weekend, Eric bid on a fairly big residential job. He won the bid and will do the job on Tuesday. The customer also owns another home that he told us he wants us to clean for him. Turns out, the guy is a dentist and owns the entire storefront where is office is located... so guess...
  17. Eric and Jenny

    More Bama Pics

    1st pic- Mike Cooke racked up on the slots!! 2nd- Me, The King, Nicole, and Stacie taking shots... 3rd- Russ, Jeff, and Ron (Yelling) 4th- Russ, Jeff, and Ron (Still yelling) 5th- Ron (Fake smile) and more of the others ~Jen
  18. Eric and Jenny

    Larry's Unofficial Award

    Larry M. (aka Larry Lowballer) was given an award Sunday night by none other than Russ and Ron themselves. Here are photos of the award presentation......
  19. Eric and Jenny

    Gulf Coast is on Myspace!

    Ok...I have been saying that utilizing social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook is an excellent way to get FREE exposure for your business.... It is also a great way to reach a different market segment. So I took my own advice and set up our page on Myspace...
  20. Eric and Jenny

    Our First Video

    Check it out and let us know what you think... Eric