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  1. Trae R

    8gpm @ 3000 or 8gpm @3500 psi?

    Looking to buy a cold water 8gpm and was hoping for opinions on whether I should go for the Honda gx630 or gx690 with the general pump. I have been washing for a few years with a 5.5gpm @2500 and have never really needed any more pressure for the things I normally I wash. I am mainly...
  2. Trae R

    Leaking Hannay hose reel...

    I have a Hannay hose reel less than 6 months old. This morning when I started the washer it was squirting water from behind the hose reel handle. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Trae R

    Wow is all I can say!!!
  4. Trae R

    Can't Wait for the game tonight!!! Geaux Tigers!!

    Cant wait to watch the game tonight. It is gonna be a fight!! Geaux LSU!! and now some Cheerleaders!!
  5. Trae R

    Too many hours????

    Been looking for a used skid and wondering if you guys can give me an idea how many hours I can expect out of a skid before I start having major problems. I know there are all kinds of factors just wondering if I should stay away from something with a good amount of hours on it when everything...
  6. Trae R

    GX390 keeps cutting off...

    My GX390 lately has been running perfect for about 2 hours and then will shut off. It will crank right back up and run for 10-20 mins and shut off again. All maintenance is done regularly. All fluids are full. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.