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  1. copgib

    Hot Water temp

    Russ I have a Pressure Pro 3500 with Honda 20hp. Lately when I run the hot water it seems to be extremely hot no matter what temp I set the gauge too. Can you suggest what I need to replace? Thanks Hugh
  2. copgib

    Brother in Accident

    If any of you have time to drop a prayer for my brother he could sure use it. Last Friday my brother was riding his Goldwing down the road and some how lost control and crashed. No other vehicles were involved and he is in a coma in a hospital in Rapid City, SD. Unknown whether he fell a sleep...
  3. copgib

    Surface Cleaner tips

    I use a 25-tip for my big guy surface cleaner. I have a 5.6gpm rig. Has anyone had any luck using a different set of tips to clean with this equipment? Thanks Hugh
  4. copgib

    What a Day!

    Today I recieved a phone call from an older guy wanting a bid to Pressure Wash his home. I arrive in the afternoon and I find out he owns a large real estate company. He just retired and his son is running the business. Anyway the house is a ranch style about 6500sqft. He tells me to walk around...
  5. copgib

    Finally the Call!

    I have been trying to get the contract to clean the local Carabba's Italian Grill here for 2-years. They called me last year for an estimate because their cleaning guy was moving on. At the last moment, he decided to stay, so I never got the contract. The cleaning guy they had didn't even have a...
  6. copgib

    Black Soot on Concrete Block

    I have taken a job that requires me to clean some concrete block on a house that had burnt in a fire. The place is totally gutted and the contractors are rebuilding the house. It is a 1-story concrete block structure. The black soot on the concrete block is on the block at the top just before...
  7. copgib

    Your Prayers are Needed

    I would like each and everyone that reads this, if they believe in the power of prayer, that they say a prayer for my sister. Her name is Janet and she is 59-years old. You might say she seem to get all the bad luck compared to the rest of our family. First she had breast cancer about 10-years...
  8. copgib

    Happy Birthday Russ

    Happy late birthday Russ! Hugh
  9. copgib


    Has anyone had any luck obtaining work from the School Systems in their area? I know alot of school districts have their own personnel do their pressure washing work. If you have did work for any, how did you determine what rate to charge them? Thanks Hugh
  10. copgib

    Water Restrictions

    I saw on the news tonight that Georgia's Govenor has put a ban on Pressure Washing state buildings. You guys in Georgia, how is this effecting your business? I feel for you guys up there. Hugh
  11. copgib

    Car Dealership Service area cleaning

    I will be giving an estimate tomorrow to a new car dealership to clean some of their concrete. Although I haven't seen what they have to clean, I was wondering what you guys would use to figure a price. Square Footage or hourly rate for the time it takes you to complete the job! Any help would...
  12. copgib

    New Advise

    I will be giving an estimate to clean some concrete at a new car dealership tomorrow. I was wondering what you guys use to come up with a price. Square footage price or hourly price for your time? Please give me what you would do. I am leaning towards an hourly fee for the hours it will take me...
  13. copgib

    Who all are attending the Jekyll Island Training?

    I was just wondering who was attending the June classes. I also wanted to know where everyone is staying while attending training. Email me at I am thinking of staying in a hotel in Brunswick. Anyone else staying there? Hugh
  14. copgib

    For Russ

    Lucky you! I see on the news your city will have some guest visiting: Clinton & Obama. Make sure you take care of those folks, who kinows one of them may be your next President. Hugh
  15. copgib

    Pool Enclosures

    When cleaning a screened pool enclosure, what do most of you use, downstreamer, x-jet and what do you like for the cleaning mix? Thanks Hugh
  16. copgib

    Water Recovery

    Can anyone out there tell me what Floridas policy is on Waste water recovery. I am in the keys and plan to start my Pressure Washing business. Thanks Hugh (