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  1. Smith & Sons

    pressurized 5 gal tank filled with Anti-freeze on their pumps

    I was wondering if anyone has used a pressurized 5 gal tank filled with Anti-freeze on their pumps. I have been trying to come up with a better way of anti freezing my equipment daily. If so anyone have a suggestion on where to find something that would work.
  2. Smith & Sons

    Fogging system

    I was hoping someone could help me I'm looking for a portable fogging system to disinfect my enclosed building. It to spread 1 gal of disinfectant over a building 60' x 250' x 8' as thick as possible. Their are fans at the far end of each buildings that can be used to pull the fog throughout the...
  3. Smith & Sons

    Just another example of some officers going out of control.

    Check this out Just another example of some officers going out of control. The worst part is the person in question gets the bill and threatened with collections for not paying...
  4. Smith & Sons

    Link 2 pumps, to one hard line, then two guns to that line.

    I know if two 4000 psi 4gpm pumps linked produces 4000 psi 8 gpm. I have jobs that have 3/8 hard lineslines. I have been connecting one pump to the hard line and running hose for the second. Can I connect two pumps to the hard line and connect two guns at the end. This would save me running 200'...
  5. Smith & Sons

    Reroute Muffler exhaust

    I have a GX390 and trying to find how best to reroute my exhaust outside my trailer. Would screwing on a Flex pipe over the muffler opening to catch a majority of the exhaust be the best method?
  6. Smith & Sons

    Problems with cat 66dx35g1i

    I have a cat 66dx35g1i and having problems with it maintaining pressure. After checking the 6 valve kits and replacing any damage seals of valves my Pressure is great but it won't last long. I can not figure out why I have a new unloader and it is not leaking water. Anyone have any suggestions...
  7. Smith & Sons

    will 8GPM unlader work for a 4GPM pump?

    I have a Cat 4000psi, 4 GPM pump and bought a new unloader today for the pump then realized it was for 8GPM Will this unloader still work?
  8. Smith & Sons

    Now this is a salesman.

    Now this is a salesman.
  9. Smith & Sons

    GP Turbo Tips

    Anyone else haveing problems with their GP Red 4.0 Turbo Tips. I seem to be getting a bad batch. No sooner as I replace one it stops or won't even make the first spin. Took 2 back and replaced got on job what do you know same thong..Maybe it is just me but dang it slowes me down
  10. Smith & Sons

    Float switch

    I'm setting my tank to feed my pressure washers. Can anyone recommend a Float switch to turn off the water to my tank useing a garden hose? Also a shut off for my GX390 machines if the water level gets to low?
  11. Smith & Sons

    Removeing bearings from old pumps?

    Fixing an old pump but having trouble with the bearing. Is their a special tool needed or any recommendations for removing them?
  12. Smith & Sons

    For those that don't know about history ... Here is a condensed version:

    For those that don't know about history ... Here is a condensed version: Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter. The...
  13. Smith & Sons

    Cat pump losseing pressue at startup.

    Got a 4000 PSI 3.5 GPM Cat Pump that when I fire up after refueling you can feel the pressure is low. I can shut down then restart and have all of my pressure back. This has happened more then once. I have left the machine running for a time with lower pressure but it never come back until I...
  14. Smith & Sons

    surface cleaners

    Got a question I'm thinking of using surface cleaners to clean my barns. Those of you that use them how well do they work on slated floors like in the picture attached. I'm sorry I didn't think The slats are made of concrete I use 4000 PSI 4GPM Turbo Tips. Looking at upgrading to 6000 PSI as...
  15. Smith & Sons

    What is the best hose to use.

    Needing to replace some of my hoses and thought I would ask. Has anyone used Hydraulic hoses rather then pressure washer hose? What hose do you consider the best for your money? Non-marking is not an issue as I use them in hog barns. Right now I'm getting all of my hose from Northern Tool...
  16. Smith & Sons

    Confined Space

    Got a question on confined space cleaning. Got several Hog barn owners changing contracts in the next 6 months but they must have their pits cleaned out. What I need to know is where to go in-order to find exactly what I need for safety equipment to do this job. The pits are 15' wide x 12' Deep...
  17. Smith & Sons

    Water Pressure

    Got a question? I'm having a noticeable pressure reduction if I run both of my (4000 PSI, 4GPM) machines compared to running just one of them. My supply of water is usually 40-50 PSI at the wall, I work around 100-200' away. Idea 1 Can I put a booster pump on the line and get enough water...
  18. Smith & Sons


    I'm wondering what people think of Hotsy and their equipment. What has been your experiences?
  19. Smith & Sons

    haveing problems with my General Pump

    Can someone please help me I have a General Pump TX1510A that is having pressure problems. I run from 3500 working psi to 2000 and once in a while 0. My supply of water is good, I switched my gun and hoses but still having a issue. I have about 200 hours on this machine. I don't think it is my...
  20. Smith & Sons

    Removeing Pac from hog confinements

    I'm cleaning hog confinements and have trouble removing Pac from the front of feeders. Normally we just clean it the best we can and come back latter after it soaks. But this takes a lot of time. Anyone have any suggestions on something faster.