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  1. gawashman

    Chug Chug!!! what going on with my machine?

    Had been using my 5.5 GPM unit all day. All of a sudden, the pressure drops as I was soaping down a house. Nothing is coming out from gun. Go to the unit and nothing seems out of the ordinary. There was plenty of water in the tank. Took the filter out and it was pretty clean. Cranked the machine...
  2. gawashman

    Alcoa 5.5 GPM HOT/COLD Skid with 20Honda Motor Will Not Start

    My Alcoa 5.5 GPM HOT/COLD Skid with 20Honda Motor Will Not Start. It turns over nicely but will not start while chocking. There is plenty of fuel in the tank. It has been sitting for about three months. I had been using my 4.0 GPM cold machine as most jobs had been small ones and did not require...
  3. gawashman

    Cleaning sealed concrete after gasoline spill

    Homeowner spilled gasoline on concrete which left a stain behind. The concrete was sealed with a white pigment sealant. I advised that any corrective action could possibly remove some of the sealant. I was thinking of using part of house mix and surface cleaner as I will be washing the house...
  4. gawashman

    Help with Removing Calcite Deposit

    Homeowner called me to clean his brick home. He was particularly interested in removing the "white" calcite deposit. Use water and tested it for solubility. It would not come off using mild scrubbing action along with water. I tried White Scum Remover by Prosoco. Did not budge. Homeowner tried a...
  5. gawashman

    How to approach homeowners?

    I was driving around various subdivisions targeting those with vinyl sided homes. It was obvious that most of the homes both single and two storey levels had their north face covered with thick mold and mildew. Just really terrible looking. I inserted my postcard in their newspaper slot below...
  6. gawashman

    Modern Pressure Washing

    Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from these two guys...Unfortunately, they could not get their injector to siphon using their 2.5GPM pressure washer...
  7. gawashman

    This will drive you all nuts
  8. gawashman

    Home Owners Bolts

    So I have my roof chemical mixed and ready to go to a job. Got a deposit yesterday when I get a call today saying that they are not going through with it as this time. I was advised to rip the check up. I explained about my material purchases etc...and they indicated that surely I can use it for...
  9. gawashman

    Vinyl sided house streaking

    Ok...It's about 97-100oF and we are washing a vinyl sided house. I hosed down one side to cool it off a bit and then applied chems shortly thereafter. Rinsed using my 0040 soap tip. Rinsed every layer of siding really well. As the house was drying water dripped from behind and brought dirt...
  10. gawashman

    Heavy Black Streaks on Brick

    There are some black streaks, which apparently is the result of water runoff from the roof. Will a degreaser work in this instance. It is definitely not mold because of the intensity and location right below the fascia. The streaks form a cascading pattern. Any cleaning ideas? The streaks are...
  11. gawashman

    How low can you go?

    Homeowner asks for an estimate to clean his eaves and gutter throughout his 2600 SQFT home. In addition he wanted his 1000 SQFT driveway cleaned. He indicates that he has a pressure washer but does not have the time to do it himself. I explained to him that I would have to rinse the entire house...
  12. gawashman

    Red Dirt on Concrete Deck

    This slab is 5 years old. Is a surface cleaner sufficient or do we use an acid base cleaner to remove the red dirt? It is along side of the house as well. The front porch is even worse looking.
  13. gawashman

    Georgia red clay on vinyl siding

    Homeowner wants me to remove red clay from the vinyl siding. House wash does not work. I did see someone post oxalic acid! All I have is wood stripper. I think it contains some oxalic acid (HD-80). Should I use it or is there something else that I should be trying?....Any advice?:confused:
  14. gawashman

    Removing concrete splatter on brick

    I was asked to remove concrete splatter found on the brick. The house is about five years old. What can I use to remove the concrete splatter?:confused:
  15. gawashman

    House Awning

    What chems do you all use to clean a small awning (4'x3') over a backdoor?:confused:
  16. gawashman

    Roof Cleaning Help

    I am going to bid on a house wash in a couple of hours. The customer also want a bid on the roof. The house is about 2800 SQ FT. What would it take to do the roof. Renting a lift?...How should I price it? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. gawashman

    Mold on side of Dormer

    This is the before picture. I was able to get most of it off the grey stucco finish, unfortunately the black mold stain residue was still lingering. I used my x-jet to apply mixture, which contained 6%SH with a little house soap and the rest water. There is a good chance that I might get to...
  18. gawashman

    What am I doing wrong?

    It has been almost three weeks since I last had a call. I have posted yard signs at major intersections, placed color trifolds along with coupons and newsletters into mailboxes. Yet, I am not getting much traffic. Any advice?
  19. gawashman

    Driveway with "White" Blotches Pictures

    Ok...I went and took some pictures of the "white" blotches from using tires cleaners and dressing. Now to figure how best to make my customer happy for some repeat business.
  20. gawashman

    Brand of airless sprayer or HVLP

    For my deck job, I have read that the best results is when one uses an airless or HVLP sprayer followed by back brushing. What do you all recommend when it comes to an airless or HVLP sprayer?