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    Lift safety
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    Does anybody use Yodle?
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    Any computer geniuses out there?

    Currently I am unable to attach or upload files to email, facebook, photobucket, etc... I do know how to upload, and have done so in the past. Currently I am not able to attach estimates when I email customers. I am not able to upload photos to facebook unless I do it from my phone. When I...
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    Enclosed trailer hose reels

    For those who do residential and have enclosed trailers, where do you put your hose reels? Looking to get an enclosed trailer and debating about location of hose reels? I have thought about near the rear door, but also thought about at the front of a trailer across from the side door.
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    Help with stolen equipment

    On Monday I had my 5.6 gpm, 2500 psi pressure pro stolen from the bed of my truck while it was parked in my driveway during the daytime. Does anybody close (couple hours drive from Knoxville, TN) have a spare I could rent, borrow, etc.. for a little bit till either insurance writes me a check...
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    Pulsing while pulling trigger

    My pressure pro 5.6 gpm 2500 psi cold portable is pulsing when I pull the trigger. I noticed this last week when I was not hooked up to a supply tank and figured it was a supply issue. I hooked up to a 65 gallon supply and still getting the pulsing when I pull the trigger. I have looked at the...
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    Gutter Grenade

    When doing gutter brightening, how long is the mix good for? Do you start a new batch each day you do a gutter brightening job, or do you reuse the mix from a previous day?
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    Carpet covering concrete porch

    Posted this in PTstate but was having trouble uploading pictures. Anyway, a customer asked for a price to remove a carpet that is covering his front steps and porch. The carpet is green and made of either a plastic or rubber. I have seen similar coverings at batting cages and years ago at my...
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    First batch of EDDM

    I am dropping off my first batch of EDDM postcards at the post office tomorrow. My first run will be just over 1000 addresses. Does anybody know if I need to count the cards before I drop them off, or does the post office have a machine that will count them for you?
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    How many kicks to the crotch does it take?

    Seriously, how many? Everytime someone I know goes through a major life event people always say "It will get better." "God does not give you more than you can handle" etc.... I just don't see it. I don't, not anymore.
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    Lion escaped from the Zoo Gotcha. Halfway through the article there is a link to a Facebook page for the dog. Check out some of the pictures. This is where my company name comes from. I graduated from ODU, home of the Monarchs.
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    surface scrubber

    Question about surface scrubbers. Last week I was cleaning a very long driveway. From my machine, I had 100 feet of 3/8 hose (2 sections of 50 foot) to the surface scrubber. Unfortunately at the end of the driveway I was just short so I added another section of 50 ft hose. That extra hose seemed...
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    Beyond pissed

    Last night I received a call from a customer who wanted their house washed. The customer gave me a long story about financial issues, currently they are trying to sell their home and it looks as though they are looking at a short sale. The customer then explained they had previously hired...
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    algea on wood deck

    Did a deck today that had heavy concentrations of algea on the surface. Some of the wood had algea on the wood after cleaning. What do you suggest? I used a contractor grade wood cleaner, and after not getting the results I wanted I moved to a bleach mixture of 1 part 12.5 SH and 4 parts...
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    For you Navy Vets

    While I never served, I did live in Norfolk for 10 years while attending ODU and then stayed after graduating. It is impossible not to know someone in the Navy if you are in Norfolk. My college roommate is now flying helos (his callsign is Bradley Bear after his girlfriend, now wife called him...
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    website developer

    Any body have a website developer they recommend? My website is lacking after I paid someone to do the work. Unfortunately they took the money and ran.
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    The human race is doomed
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    Bird poop

    I have a customer who is interested in getting some bird poop removed from her wood siding. Up to this point, I have not had to deal with bird poop. Have I been lucky, or is it generally not an issue? Either way, I did a search on the forum and all I found was threads pertaining to awning...
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    I'm ouuuuuuttttaaaa here

    Two weeks in Africa. My wife and I are heading to Africa with a couple of friends from Virginia. We are hitting Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, and several other awesome experiences. Pics to follow.
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    Online advertising with Datasphere

    Anybody have dealings with Datasphere Technologies? According to them I can lock down ad space on a local news website and be the only pressure washing related ad on there. It would be great exposure, but I am not getting warm fuzzies from the sales guy.