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  1. DownEastPowerWash

    Website critique needed PLEASE

    Hello all! Last year was our first year with having a website, it helped get more calls but it wasn't exactly what I wanted or thought I wanted. I have had another company make another site for a 30 day trial but still not sure it's what I think it should be. Now I am looking to you all who...
  2. DownEastPowerWash

    Brand new injector not working, thoughts?

    Here are the photos of said injector setup. Checked orifice and chamber, no junk in there. How many of you guys use your reel just for storage and remove hose when working and hook directly into injector?
  3. DownEastPowerWash

    FREE EBC GALLON from the POWERWASH STORE Get Signed up

    I would like a FREE GALLON of EBC and Carlos G & Paul your The GREATEST !!!! I LOVE EBC!!
  4. DownEastPowerWash

    Brand new injector not working, thoughts?

    I have scoured the posts involving injector issues and have not found an answer that fixes mine, so here it is. Machine: 5.5 GPM @ 3500psi Injector: Super Suds Sucker with size 2 orifice (correct for my size machine so says manufacturer of injector) Chem line: Line runs from injector to...
  5. DownEastPowerWash

    International Airport cleaning tonight!

    Starting a big project tonight, a first for this company, cleaning an airport. Should be interesting since I ordered a 60' lift and 2 days prior they said that wouldn't be available and delivered a 45'. Building ranges from precast concrete to metal panels with windows. Looking to use a nice...
  6. DownEastPowerWash

    Need help pricing, please!

    Here's a test I did last week. The Athletic Director was pretty impressed. I used my house wash soap and bleach mix and then spun it with a surface cleaner at about 120 deg. I priced it out at about $0.10 a square foot given the area covered during the test.
  7. DownEastPowerWash

    2 Tank and feed questions

    The way I understand it is the to take the max payload and divide by number of axles and that is load capacity of each axle. I think. I was told by my local trailer retailer that most tandem axle trailers are typically 3500 lbs axles. I paid extra to upgrade to 5K axles and switched from leaf...
  8. DownEastPowerWash

    Need help pricing, please!

    Tennis courts at local high school need to be resurfaced and I have been asked to clean them. Problem is I've never estimated tennis courts before. The area is about 22,000 sq. feet and has some mold and just surface dirt. There is water on site. Was planning on applying a soap and bleach...
  9. DownEastPowerWash

    Commercial Paint Stripping application question

    Alright folks I have a question and am looking for suggestions. Here is the situation: Have been given the task of pricing out applying paint stripper to the outside of a Sam's Club size building (the building is concrete block and split faced block painted with failing latex) and then washing...
  10. DownEastPowerWash

    Graffiti removal in the winter months, Maine

    Anyone out there used Taginator during the cold winter months? By cold I'm not talking Florida cold but Maine cold below 30 degrees. I have a couple of tags I need to remove tomorrow on brick and unpainted concrete but wasn't sure how Taginator would work in colder temps. It works great...
  11. DownEastPowerWash

    Headed to FL for the PowerWashStore's conference looking for someone in Orlando

    Hello all, I am headed down to the Power Wash Store's conference in Orlando January 20 and wanted to meet up with a local company from either Lakeland or Orlando (or surrounding) to bounce ideas off of and check out your setups. I will be flying in Sunday January 18 and heading out Thursday...
  12. DownEastPowerWash

    Chem line curling up in bucket, not getting soap? SOLUTION HERE!

    Every once in a while I have an issue with my chem line curling up in the bucket and poking the end out of the half full bucket so I would have to go back to the machine and push it back down in the soap only to have it curl back up again. Annoying!! Well I thought for a moment and came up...
  13. DownEastPowerWash

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Here are a couple of my gruesome crew... <iframe src="" width="320" height="213" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe...
  14. DownEastPowerWash

    What's your favorite fleet soap?

    Recently I have been using Mr. Muscle as my truck wash of choice which has worked pretty well and can be purchased easily from Envirospec. I have also bought a 55 gal drum pack of their new Bond Breaker soap which is suppose to be a brush free wash, we'll see. What are your favorite soaps for...
  15. DownEastPowerWash

    Burner does not shut off..HELP

    Here is a photo of what I thought was the thermostat which I replaced the o-ring in during engine swap. Second photo is what I think is the pressure relief safety feature which dumped once recently but hasn't since. Thanks again and Russ I will call in the morning.
  16. DownEastPowerWash

    Burner does not shut off..HELP

    I have an Alkota 5355JB with a Wayne burner. Recently the burner has not been shutting off when the machine goes into bypass, creating steam and what would appear to be an unsafe situation. Pretty certain that when the trigger is released and the machine goes into bypass the burner should not...
  17. DownEastPowerWash

    Newbie Question O' the Day

    We carry 525 gallons of water in each of our rigs as we do a lot of fleet vehicles that do not have a water supply on site. As well as up here in Maine whenever we do a house that is outside of city water supply we bring our own as well water is unpredictable up here. Trying to find a city...
  18. DownEastPowerWash

    Metal building, black streaks, need to get it clean...IDEAS?

    Temp was about 65 degrees F and I tried cold water and warm water both same results. Even brushing the gutter solution on did not make a difference. I thought about the aluminum showing through but that does not appear to be the case in this situation. As far as brushing the whole building...
  19. DownEastPowerWash

    Metal building, black streaks, need to get it clean...IDEAS?

    Here is the deal, quite a large building which is all painted metal. It has black streaks like gutters but does not clean like a gutter. Here is what has been tried, Emulsifier plus with 12.5% bleach (no success), Mr. Muscle truck soap (limited success), WAB Squeaky Clean ds and straight (no...