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  1. Lou Zehnder

    New sub titles for interiors and memorials

    What do you guys think about having a tab for interior cleaning and a tab for memorials on PWI's website? The memorials would be for past pressure washers only..... It could be our way as a group to show respect.
  2. Lou Zehnder

    Generator power

    How much power does it take to run and start a 115 burner? How much power does it take to run and start a pump out in a reclaim drum (sirroco)? Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Lou Zehnder

    MSDS Sheets and Labels from Vendors

    Vendors can you put your MSDS sheets and Labels in this thread...... It will save both of us time if one is needed
  4. Lou Zehnder

    Hot box manufacturers

    Besides Pressure Pro who else manufactures hot boxes?
  5. Lou Zehnder

    Political and religious view

    This was the service i watched today that i wanted to share........ pastor bob from Ft. lauderdale Fl. calvary (Mega Church) Start watching around 18:30
  6. Lou Zehnder

    Hydrotek rig for sale.

    Selling my most of my rig off....Nope I'm not getting out just moving in another direction. Hydro tek 8.7gpm 3500 psi Stainless frame 220 hours 36 maxium surface cleaner 24 inch Landa water jet ( To be run off a ball valve) Titan hose reels 28 inch one inch inlet supply, 2 pressure reels I...
  7. Lou Zehnder

    Virtual offices

    Is anyone using Virtual Offices? I need.......I mean i have needed someone to answer the phone for over a year now. I am looking into hiring a virtual office to handle all my calls. Just wondering if its been working for you guys? Currently I take all calls and my office is starbucks( I'm...
  8. Lou Zehnder

    16 foot trailer and tank for sale

    Looking to sell my trailer. Its a car hauler type trailer. Its 16 foot long and 82 maybe 84 inches wide. Has 2 3500 lb axle's with one of them being a break axle. It has a really nice split gate on the back. Its has 3 brand new tires on it (OCT bought) 4th tire is about 75-80%. The...
  9. Lou Zehnder

    November Soft Wash sale-Best Price Ever!

    New toy.... Sent from the truck, bar, lake, game, movie or job site
  10. Lou Zehnder

    plan-it graphics

    This past Thursday I went to the GIE-EXPO and met Bob from and seemed to be a good guy. He is looking to start helping pressure washing company's. The one subject that came up was his dependability. Bob said he would not let...
  11. Lou Zehnder

    Winter time work (Side Business)

    What do you guys think about servicing lawn mowers(spark plug, oil, air filter and blade sharping) for people? Of course this would be for us that have cold winter's. lol I believe the area shop's get 70-90 per unit. I am sure it would take a few years to grow but the repeat percent should be...
  12. Lou Zehnder

    Where were you??? 09/11/01

    I had just finished a 30 min bobcat job for a builder....Driving back from that job site I noticed I had a voicemail from my mom. In a grandma had passed that morning at 630. In a daze I didn't even realize what was being said on the truck towers...
  13. Lou Zehnder

    Legal question

    Just got a call from a customer from yesterday. He said my rear tires have sunken his asphalt driveway about 2 inches where it was parked yesterday. We were at his house from 1 to 5 yesterday. Temp 88-92 I am guessing. The drive was put in last year. There is no marks from the trailer or...
  14. Lou Zehnder

    Spindle wanted

    Does anyone have a old working spindle they wanna get rid of for a project I am going to start....Donation would be nice. I don't care what brand, its going be used for something other than a surface cleaner.
  15. Lou Zehnder

    Gatlinburg 2011

    Anyone interested in meeting up in Gatlinburg Tn this year. Last year Bob, Russ J., Guy, William and myself went. I am free Oct. 8 and 9 .........I might be able to come down late on the 7th......This is a get together .........Not a round table. Lots of info was past on last year even though...
  16. Lou Zehnder

    Platform swivel for hose reel

    Does anyone know where I could get a platform that swivels? I was wanting to mount stack-able hose reels on the rear of a trailer/flatbed. To make it residential friendly I need it to face sideways and commercial friendly backwards. I know where I buy heavy duty sliding tray platforms but not...
  17. Lou Zehnder

    2 or 4 nozzles on spray bar

    Well I busted another spray bar....Well not me but I have to pay for My guy is killing me on making mistakes. Anyway I have a maxima and its offered in a 2 or 4 nozzle option. What is better? The 4 nozzle is only 10 bucks extra.
  18. Lou Zehnder

    Low bid wins

    Well I lost a complex a couple of weeks ago. No biggie right............ Figured DJ got it and thats cool because he really goes hard after PM's. Well I found out that the other bid was $5500.00 . I kinda went what.......My bid was not even in the ball park. 28 buildings(8 units) and 28...
  19. Lou Zehnder

    Comment Cards

    Anybody use them??? Any examples?