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  1. leomoreira

    What happened with Envirospec Customer Service?

    Hello everybody! Anybody here having trouble to contact Envirospec lately? I've placed an order last week including a pump, got my package with the small stuff but the pump. Have been calling them and leaving messages since we got the shipping from UPS and 3 days latter still have not got any...
  2. leomoreira

    Bulk high pressure hose.

    Happy and profitable 2013 to everyone! Where are you guys buying your bulk hose? I used to buy from Dultmeier but had problems with two orders and they didn't put much effort to resolve.
  3. leomoreira

    SAVE GAS AND TIME - Best Route planner found so far.

    Hello guys, I found this route planner website ([url] about a month ago and it has been a great tool for us. You can put up to 25 locations and it'll give you several route options then you can email it, save it, upload to your GPS and much more. You will...
  4. leomoreira

    Technical Question.

    Hello guys, Need your help on this. I'm building a new trailer with 2 gun system and one of the supplier I checked today gave me two options on the same equipment which is, 6gpm with 2500psi on each gun or 4.5gpm with 3200-3500psi. Considering that I'm purchesing this mainly for flatwork...
  5. leomoreira

    New Trailer Dual wand 8 - 12 gpm

    I'm planning to build a new trailer with dual gun, hot water, 3000andup psi and 8 to 12GPM. I would appreciate to hear your suggestions. Thanks in advance
  6. leomoreira

    Envirospec M16

    Anybody here have worked with both nozzles Envirospec M16 and the X-Jet. If so, could you let us know your imPRESSIONs??? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. leomoreira

    Interesting tips about cold calls

    Sales Techniques
  8. leomoreira

    Removing poop for the FAA

    That's the job we've done today for the FAA, and the task was, remove birds poop from one the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta Radar and Tower. The other one was a 6000sqft house done this week. Whole nine yards(House, Windows and flat-surface.
  9. leomoreira

    Promotional Hats

    I'm planing to order new hats. Anybody knows where to order small quantities of hats? I mean, no more than 20. The minimum I've found on-line so far was 36.
  10. leomoreira

    12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite

    Does anyone here buy 12.5% SH on the internet? If so, could you provide the link? Thanks!!!
  11. leomoreira

    Retaining wall rust cleaning

    Hello guys, What is the best product for this kind of rust stain??? Picture attached!