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  1. Dlee

    People never cease to amaze me.

    Greetings to all, People never cease to amaze me when it comes to their exhaust system. Case and point - my bid included 2ea. 20x20 access panels. Ten 4x8 sheets of 7/16" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to provide decking over the metal raffters so we would have a traffic path and a place to work...
  2. Dlee

    Aluminum Baffle Filters

    I haven't verified it so it must be a rumor. Are Aluminum Baffle Grease filters acceptable for use in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. I've heard it from two different sources (people in the know or know not) that they have been discontinued for use in commercial cooking exhaust systems...
  3. Dlee

    Anyone care to take a stab at this specification

    Government bid specs state the following: Contractor shall provide safe, non-slip, fire resistant coverings to protect the interior finishes, ceiling finishes, and exterior roof, wall and equipment surfaces from damage, staining or deterioration during the service cleaning process. We...
  4. Dlee

    IKECA CESI Study Material

    Anyone taken the CESI Examination recently. I'm just wondering how accurate the study guide is I recevied from IKECA. When placing the order I asked David Bazzolli at IKECA HQ how current is the test and when was the last time it was updated. He said the test was just updated. Funny my study...
  5. Dlee

    Checkout my new post card

    Hello, I have finnally produced a postcard (4"X6") for Hood, Duct & Fan Degreasing. I have sent out 300 cards and 40 of them came back due to various reasons like: ATTEMPED NOT KNOWN NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED UNABLE TO FORWARD INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS The ratio isn't really that bad, 40...
  6. Dlee

    Brick wall for bid

    Hello, I have the chance to bid on cleaning this brick wall. I think it is limestone but not sure. The wall has quite a bit of mold on it and I don't want to create a problem by using the wrong chemical or recipe. Any help will be appreciated. Here are some pic's of the wall. Thanks
  7. Dlee

    White smoke from the burner exhaust.

    Help! Looks like I'll have to take my pressure washing rig to the shop for repair. We were finishing up a job we were on today and just when I was walking to the rig to turn the burner off to allow for a cool down and rinse all equipment off, thick white smoke was coming out of the burner...
  8. Dlee

    Too loud? Huh!

    I've been asked by a customer if there is a way I can put a muffler on my P/W (18hHp Vangard). Anyone have any ideas whats available or if this is even possible. Would it hurt the performance of the engine. If any small engine expert could jot me a line or two I would appreciate it. Thanks in...
  9. Dlee

    I made this!

    Had the need to come up with a better looking logo for letter head, sign for the side of the truck and business cards. I've been working on it for a few days and I'm getting mixed reviews from friends and family. I welcome everyone to coment good or bad. I'm an exhaust cleaner with thick skin...
  10. Dlee

    Is this access door acceptable

    I was looking at this restaurant (new construction only 8 months old) the other day and the access doors do not seem to be up to par. The doors are not grease tight nor are they water tight. Should I tell the owner to have these fixed by the company that installed the system. Each door...
  11. Dlee

    Chinees anyone!

    Ok, I'm going to do my first chinees restaurant. Here is a picture of some of the worst buildup in the system. Question: Anyone ever use a Wadu or soda blaster directly on the grease buildup? I do have lot of carbon buildup in different places on the system which it should work out well. But...
  12. Dlee

    "Would you like an apple pie with your order"

    Here's a job me and a buddy of mine (Ronnie Mears over at Texas Best Service) did last night. It was a tough one. The hood had a sticker stating it was cleaned January 28, 2004. I wonder how they kept missing the entire exhaust system including the fan. "Would you like an apple pie...
  13. Dlee

    Hood Draping Methods

    Anyone want to tell how they drape the kitchen hood to catch the waste water. What works best for you? What size plastic and spec? What do you use to fasten the plastic to the hood? What do you use to clean the outer surface so tape will stick?
  14. Dlee

    Forms Request... Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Hello All, Just tryin to get started in my Vent a Hood cleaning business and I am in need of some forms. Sorry I missed the dead line of the latest send. If anyone has any of the following forms could you please email them to: . Contracts Bid / Estimate / Proposal...
  15. Dlee

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get new accounts fast.

    Hello all, I'm not a Hood Cleaner but will be soon. ...I hope! :) I'm very excited about the possibilities as a Hood & Grease Duct Exhaust Cleaning specalist. I'm in the process of doing a market analysis and I am finding that all exhaust system are already being cleaned. I will keep at...