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  1. pdmcali

    Smoke Damage on metal carport.

    Any suggestions on what will remove smoke damage from metal on a metal carport. Sorry I don't have a picture.
  2. pdmcali

    Question on windows

    Question for window guys. On commercial building that windows have window film on them will house wash (sh) be harmful for the film?
  3. pdmcali

    Always like to get these emails.

    Comments from Costco after we did this job at their fuel station. This is in Georgia just one exit from Chattanooga, TN.
  4. pdmcali

    Our office today

    Here is one of the items we are washing today. Since we Pressure Wash rest rooms also I guess we could add a tag line We clean your TeePee to where you go PeePee.
  5. pdmcali

    Quality Solutions Inc

    Anyone ever do busy with this company? I received a call about servicing some Taco Bells for them. I was wondering how they are to work with?
  6. pdmcali

    Stain Flash

    Question for you stain guys. What does it mean when someone say that the stain Flashed? Also I noticed a lot of stains states to not stain a deck or fence when it is over 90 degrees. What do you folks in Texas do since you have a lot of days over 90?
  7. pdmcali

    Wet Wood Stain

    Has anyone used Wet Wood Stain from Davlaur Coatings and if so what has been the results?
  8. pdmcali

    BT200 vs EBC

    For someone that has used both which does best on cleaning up oil, and fluids?
  9. pdmcali

    Concrete Patio and Retaining Wall Chattanooga, TN

    This is a flip house we wash last week and they didn't think they need the concrete patio and retaining wall wash but we encourage them to have it done. Concrete Patio n Retaining Wall Cleaning Chattanooga, TN.
  10. pdmcali

    Efflorescence Removal Cleveland TN

    Efflorescence Removal in Cleveland, Tn This is a church courtyard that had a serious Efflorescence issue. We used Calcite Presoak follow by NMD 80 with a final wash of OneRestore. Sorry I didn't have better before pictures...
  11. pdmcali

    Graffiti Removal in Chattanooga TN

    Last week we received a call from the property owner of a strip center in Chattanooga, TN to remove Graffiti from the side of their building. We used World's Best Graffiti Removal and it did the job super fast, much better than the results we have had with Taganator in the past. BTW the wipes...
  12. pdmcali

    BARC F9 on Copper Stains

    Lee University in Cleveland TN ask us about removing some copper stains from the window sills on their new chapel that was built about two years ago. After visiting with Doug Rucker he suggested I talke with Bill or Craig. After I talk to both of these men we decided to use the F9 since we had...
  13. pdmcali

    Great Added Cleaner for Dumpster and Indoor Cleaning

    Two night ago while my youngest son was doing a indoor cleaning at one of our accounts he felt that he should add a scented cleaner to our cleaning mixture. He brought a bottle of Fabuloso Citrus and added 2oz to the mix. The next day the manager call me to say how good of a cleaning was done...
  14. pdmcali

    Truck for sale

    Ford F350 7.3 222000 miles. Asking 7k.
  15. pdmcali

    Solar Power

    We went live last week. I guess we need to look at adding cleaning solar panels to our list of services.
  16. pdmcali

    UT Chattanooga Dorms

    Few weeks ago we finished cleaning north campus Dorms at UT Chattanooga TN. This included washing the building as well as pressure washing the sidewalks. We finish this project 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My grandson Hunter even came to help (I think he forgot no one was on campus during the summer).
  17. pdmcali

    Interior Cleaning Chattanooga TN

    Here is some Interior Cleaning Chattanooga TN. This is with a 12" Sirocco surface cleaner and Sirocco Vaccumn. We chose the 12" surface cleaner because of the tight spaces in restrooms. The problem that this customer was having is that the tile is very pitted and everytime they clean the dirt...
  18. pdmcali

    Asphalt Parking Lot Stains

    Here are four different stains on a asphalt parking lot. Will BT200 remove these or is there something else that is better? These are oil, diesel, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid.
  19. pdmcali

    Rome GA

    Anyone do house washing in Rome GA we have a lead. Just give me a pm and I give you the information.
  20. pdmcali

    Pressure Washing Chattanooga TN

    Here is some before and afters of a house washing in Chattanooga TN we did last week. We used SH and Fresh Wash all it needed was some dwell time. The owner said he had the house for 12 years and never had washed it before.