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  1. Heber

    Need some assistance

    I have a customer that called me yesterday and some black looking mold on the staircases of the apartment he oversees. I have attached a picture below. I tried a 60/40 roof mix with a hard bush and it cleaned the stairs but the black area was still there. Do you have any advice on the chemical I...
  2. Heber

    Crete Kleen

    I tried this Saturday night. Worked great
  3. Heber

    Low Pressure/High Volume Udor vs 12V Roof Pump??

    We built this ourself. We have a 3.8 GPM for chemical transfer, a 7 GPM for roofs and the Udor 10.5 for house washing. It works great and we are planning on building a second design and maybe even selling them in the future
  4. Heber

    Whats you cost per house wash

    This may be in the wrong area but I wanted to know if any of you have or know what you cost per house is. I do understand it will very from size house. For example for a one story 2000 square foot house. Your Labor, Chemicals, Wear/Tear, Fuel, vehicle, marketing.
  5. Heber

    Roof Cleaning Rigs Around the World,

    Here is mine. We have a 3.8 Gpm Electric pump, a 7 Gpm Electric pump, and a 10.5 Honda gas pump for rinsing.
  6. Heber

    Tell me what you think?

    Just got it back today.
  7. Heber

    Tell me what you think?

    This is the new wrap for our truck. What do you guys think
  8. Heber

    Need Help with mixture

    Hey guys. I need help wrapping my head around a mixture questions. I have been downstreaming with a 5.56 GPM pressure washer from a 5 gallon bucket with a 10:1 downstreamer. I us 2 Gallons of SH 12.5% and 3 gallons of water. I have built a truck mounted skid and I'm am going to be using a 35...
  9. Heber

    Vinyl cleaning help

    Hey guys. I have been searching on PWI for some help but I am still unsure what to do. I had an HOA contact me this week to see if I could remove or even lighten spots on the vinyl in an apartment complex. I applied 3 coats of HW at 40% SH 12.5 and 60% water then downstreamed at 10:1. We also...