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  1. Tony R

    Hunting pics

    I'm hunting just outside Yellowstone. Took this pic this morning
  2. Tony R

    Vanguard 16 hp issues

    For the past few days l have been having issues with a 16 hp vanguard. Typically it runs perfect for about 45 minutes, then starts bogging, low on power and I would guess 15% less rpm. This is running 8gpm pumps building washing low pressure. It drops more rpm if using pressure tip. It will run...
  3. Tony R

    All electric setup

    I just put this in another thread but here you go Tony
  4. Tony R

    Switching a floor cleaning rig into a pressure washing rig. How hard.

    I saw this the other day. Thought it was pretty cool
  5. Tony R

    Las Vegas Metro Cop Busted By 12 Year Old Boy !!!!!

    Here is a Facebook page ran buy cops. He is calling for everyone to remember the 12 year old's name because "we all know he will be in the back of one of our cruisers before we know it." I was banned from commenting on their page after 1 comment. I guess I didn't bow down and show enough respect.
  6. Tony R

    Alternator not keeping up

    I have a 16 hp Vangaurd with a 12 volt Burner When I run the burner it works fine even running almost non stop for hours, but the next time I go to start the machine the battery is low and does not have enough power to start the engine. I have to jump it from another battery. When I do NOT run...
  7. Tony R

    Past transportation just for fun

    First four wheeler. 5 years old. Got caught speeding on the access road. My dad is pretending to care. Lol
  8. Tony R

    Past transportation just for fun

    First truck was a 1989 S10. Built the engine myself at 15
  9. Tony R

    Lightning Clean Trailer in Progress

    The skid up front exhausts out the side door. I love having a skid in the back. When only running one guy he can just turn the key, grab the gun and go. Doesn't even have to step into the trailer
  10. Tony R

    Lightning Clean Trailer in Progress

    I just pointed mine out the door. Seems to work fine. Engine exhaust is right above the pump
  11. Tony R

    Bolting Gearbox to Vangaurd

    I need to bolt a gearbox to a 16hp vangaurd. Can someone tell me what size bolts I will need to thread into the engine? Thank you
  12. Tony R

    Coil sooted up?

    I have 2 Hydrotek SS skids. They have 12 volt burners and came with 2.25 fuel nozzles. The machine with more hours can only handle a 1.75 fuel nozzle. Any bigger and it wont burn clean. The other machine has a 2.25 nozzle and burns clean. I am assuming my coil is at least partially sooted up...
  13. Tony R

    Smoke from burner

    This is a Hydrotek ss skid 12 volt becket. It started doing this a few months ago where smoke will come out around the inlet pipe where the water frst enters the coil. Burns clean out the stack, no other issues 2.25 gph tip, 110ish psi. Local guy says when the burner shuts off a little fuel...
  14. Tony R

    Awning Cleaning

    I need some advise on this awning. The white part appears to be a canvas material, and the blue looks to be a fabric material. There is mold on it. My concerns are bleaching the fabric if I use 12% and leaving brush streaks if I need to brush it. I have simple cherry on hand. Any suggestions...
  15. Tony R

    Auxiliary Fuel tank

    I'm looking to mount an auxiliary fuel tank for my burners about 8 ft away from them. Should I expect any issues pulling fuel that far? 12V becketts
  16. Tony R

    HP GPM PSI Data

    Does anyone have a link or know of a chart that shows how much horse power you need to for different GPM and psi.How about diesel vs. gas engines? I also would like a chart showin what size tips you need to get desired psi at the desired GPM.
  17. Tony R

    Photoshop certification

    I went with a 300hp small block in my go cart
  18. Tony R

    Hydrant Hook-up - I need your help.

    You Denver fans are pretty hardcore!