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    How much?

    Let's switch things up from the usual Q & A here. Take a cookie franchise business that's for sale: Grosses $250k/year. Prime location in a large popular mall - $65k year lease 7 PT employees plus manager $1,500 in inventory Cash flow is $20k Asking price is $60k How much would you say the...
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    What sources is everyone using for hiring staff? I haven't had the best of luck with Craigslist. I also had a bad experience with a temp service earlier this year so I'm reluctant on even trying another one out. Thank you.
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    10 gpm

    When running 10 GPM on my 20" surface cleaner, it seems as though it spins so fast it's leaving swirls (not stripes). So I have to slow down. But slowing down defeats the purpose of being able to move faster with the extra volume. Using 15 deg nozzles and a 2 nozzle-1 bar arm inside. Would...
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    Blood stains

    Anyone know the best way to remove dried blood stains from concrete? I've done a search but couldn't find anything. Bleach, degreaser, oxalic acid, Taginator? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Pressure Washing in Knoxville Tn

    Pressure Washing in Knoxville Tn Thanks Phil and Starbrite for complimenting the video. **Moderator(s)** If this post is in the wrong spot I would like to be informed of the right spot before it gets removed again. Thank you.
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    Commercial Pressure Washing in Knoxville Tn

    Check it out. Commercial Pressure Washing in Knoxville Tn
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    Burner blowing black smoke

    Alkota machine, 12 volt burner. Heater works but blows black smoke randomly. Whether the machine is running or in bypass it still does it. What could it be? I did a search and most burner problems are usually that they aren't working. I know black smoke isn't good but don't know what it could...
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    iPad users

    I just picked up the iPad 2 and want to know what the best apps for business use are. I have qb for desk top and the online version but don't care for the mobile version online using the iPad. What apps are good for doing estimates in the field? What's the best app to access your pc from the...
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    Im getting the GLA for some out of area work from a property manager we work for. These are for shopping centers, they usually want the front & rear sidewalks cleaned and the dumpster pad. Is the square footage what I base my quote on or is that figure for the total area alone? Im sure the...
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    Copper/Zinc strips

    Does anybody know if installing these at the ridge top of a roof will prevent streaking? I know the roof has to be cleaned first. But could they work to prevent it from re-occuring? I googled it and saw alot of information saying they do work. I saw alot of different p.w.'ing companies all with...
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    What to use

    Im bidding on this project to clean this machine that makes drain culvurts. Also the concrete floor surrounding it. The floor and machine are stained from hydraulic oil. What would be a good chemical to clean them with? The machine is going to be repainted. Thanks. Pics.
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    Vegetable oil?

    Had a guy call me today whos in the produce business and had a large crate of vegetable spill on his concrete pad. Anything special I need to remove it? I was thinking caustic would work but wanted to make sure. I have to let him know something tomorrow morning. Any suggestions would be...
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    Access denied

    So Im reading through the different threads here as I usually do about every other day. I notice theres a couple of them I cant get into. I get a screen that says I dont have sufficient privileges or Im trying to edit someone elses post. Whats up?
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    HELP! 13hp motor wont start.

    O.K. my p.w.'er wont start. I took it off the cart the other night to mount it in my truck bed. I had to tilt it a little but turned the gas off first. I thought I might have flooded it. I tried cranking it for an hour today and got nothing. Had to pull off the job becuase of it. :mad: It...
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    Muddy parking garage??

    I started this thread about a week ago and cant find it. Can anyone tell me where it is?
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    Muddy parking garage

    I landed a parking garage cleaning job. Its 2 levels for a condo housing complex. The construction companies stored all their material in the 2 decks. So they used bobcats and forklifts to load and unload all of it and out and got the floor area pretty dirty. The goal is to clean the 2 areas to...
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    Reclaim units, anybody know much about them?

    I might have an oppurtunity to get into some commercial wok that requires reclaiming. Didnt know until recently the state requires it Anybody know of some good units or something I can make myself? Im looking at this one right now But from what...
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    relief valve/bypass

    I was doing some flatwork today and in an attempt to switch from surface cleaner to gun, my coupler wouldnt come off. I finally got it off but it took a little too long becuase I noticed the relief valve was shootong water out of it. The machine ran fine after that but is there anything I should...