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  1. MrPressureWasher

    Rust Spots on Driveway..

    I had someone call me about rust spots on a driveway.I know wet sand would take it off but, is there anything else I could use?I have Monster Concrete Wash allready.I really don't want to screw anyones driveway up..
  2. MrPressureWasher

    Problem finding Commercial Bids.

    Anyone have any ideas on getting Commercial bids?I have sent e-mails to several and so far I haven't gotten anything back..
  3. MrPressureWasher

    Whos is a member of Pressure Washers of North America?Does this help at all?

    I wondered if joining "Pressure Washers of North America" would actually help my business?
  4. MrPressureWasher

    Workers..? Problems and hassles..

    So far, all the work is done by me.If I need equipment worked on I barter my services to a co-worker who is a little more technical than myself.If I need someone to help me hang door flyers I barter for any help.I think the key is making sure any worker/employee doesn't know how much you are...
  5. MrPressureWasher

    Do chemical absorbent socks cover E.P.A. regulations for waste water ?

    I would love to spend thousands on a Vacuum system using a rotary blower but, until I make more I just cant.If I use Chemical absorbent socks to soak up oil and other chemicals will, that count as waste water treatment.?
  6. MrPressureWasher

    Hello.From San Antonio, Texas

    I'am a one person operation,I started my business soon after my job layed off and thought I needed something just in case.I will do whatever it takes to do this full-time.