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    Door knocking ... Lets get you ready to do it confidently.

    I am very hesitant to knock on doors in during covid. Even when I am scheduled to meet with someone I knock and then step back quite a bit.
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    berry stains on concrete

    SH has always worked for me, try bumping up your ratio. Cold weather can force us to put more bleach on there.
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    Pump sprayer recommendations?

    I recently built a "sealer cart" which is just a 1gpm pump with a mini 12volt battery, 25 ft 3/8 hose on a hand truck. I will never use a pump sprayer again
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    Burner soot, smoke,heat loss,etc.

    how often do the coils need to be cleaned? also, do baffle plates normally wear out like that?
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    What Software and Apps are you using?

    Markate, and we love it
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    House washing without a trigger-gun or x-jet

    I find that the ball valve can be very effective used correctly. If I find that sweet spot, I can rinse with it without pulling soap.
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    Avalanche bed cover

    We have an f150 with a retrax and it is awesome.