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    Nominating Committee

    PWNA Member wishing to be on the Board of Directors. The nominating committee is currently reviewing individuals interested in holding a Board of Directors position. All interested parties must have information in to PWNA by no later then Friday 2/24/06 Before you consider excepting the...
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    PWNA proudly announces for its membership an area on the PWNA BBS where they may retrieve job leads through either clients calling into the PWNA Head Quarters or other PW companies posting clients wanting work.
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    FYI, Phil Ackland is aggressively going after the AHJ's and educating them. This year Phil has a very full schedule educating in many states. PWNA is being promoted by Phil. Phil has created a large PWNA banner and will be letting them know about the PWNA organization and our ongoing quest to...
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    In the background.

    What is happening behind the scenes with PWNA? This past month has been plan, plan, plan. As with anything planning is one of the most important aspects of making progress. The committees are actively working to make significant improvements to our organization. Please take the time to talk...
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    Who is going?

    Are any of you planning on attending the convention? Will anyone be going to the boot camps.
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    Do you know your direction?

    Did you ever wonder why so many power washing companies go out of business? You have heard it before and guess what here it is one plans to fail. People just fail to plan. There is no need to respond to this thread but I would like you to think about the following...