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  1. ksroofs

    Dual chem injector?

    Does anyone use these dual chem injectors on this board? Basically a regular downstream injector but it has 2 ports. One for sh or caustic whatever and the other for your soap.. We found a great soap but it dosn't stay mixed that long with sh..
  2. ksroofs

    Wrapped Box Truck for 2015! and our other trucks

    Take a look at my newest addition! Its an older box truck, but it runs great and I cleaned it up and got a wrap on it! Almost looks like new.. And then my other two trucks are pictured below that match! Let me know what you think! Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning trucks
  3. ksroofs

    Oc MD Vacation Rental

    Hey guys- I know alot of people visit the board daily from all over the US. So I figured I would put my vacation homes up here in-case anyone has friends or family interested in a Ocean City Beach Vacation.. Ill also give a discount to anyone from this board. Here are the homes! Home 1...
  4. ksroofs

    new trailer setup

    Got everything replaced that was broken and back together just in time for snow tomorrow!
  5. ksroofs

    What size buffer?

    Hey guys, I'm a bit new to the pressure washing scene, really have only been doing roof and exterior cleaning, no flatwork or anything of that nature.. I got a 8gpm cold water unit for rinsing on house washes, and hopefully some flat work ( for flat work I have a 250 gallon tank) But I want...
  6. ksroofs

    Good Deal on 8gpm?

    Im meeting up with a guy tomorrow in my area to look at his 8 gpm unit. Unit has a 22hp honda with an 8gpm pump, the unit was custom made by Rex at pwp. The unit has 300 hrs on it (was a contractor who cleaned a rubber roof with it) also comes with 200 feet of hose,wand,tips and a blue filter...
  7. ksroofs

    building pressure washer

    Its winter time and I am bored with the computer work and need something to do.. I have been looking to add a 5 gpm setup to my trailer.. My question is this.. Can I buy a engine ( 20hp honda $1100 ) and a pump separate and build my own? I already have a hose reel with 300' of hose and the...
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    New roof cleaning website

    Here is the new and improved roof and exterior cleaning website! Check it out and give a +1 or a FB like! Kendall Roof & Exterior Cleaning
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    Delaware Roof Cleaning Time Lapse

    Here is a before and after along with a time lapse of a commercial roof cleaning in Delaware. This hotel roof was told that it needed a new roof to maintain appearances of the Hampton in Chain. We were able to clean off all of the mold and have the roof looking like brand new!
  10. ksroofs

    Link Swap

    Hey guys, looking to swap links with pressure washers / window cleaners/ roof cleaners. If you have a section and want a good backlink let me know! Would be cool to have one from every state! Despite what you may think, relative backlinks DO help increase your rankings..
  11. ksroofs

    Cedar Roof Cleaning MD

    First Cedar roof cleaning job down here on the the shore.. Pretty tricky, it was 3 stories, the sides were vertical and mossy, and the gazebo was on 20' tall pilings! After treating the front 4 times and rinsing 2x it came clean!
  12. ksroofs

    Roof Cleaning MD 21801, and zinc strips

    Here you can see a picture of some zinc strips and how effective they really are. At this home in Salisbury MD, a roof cleaning was needed after zinc strips failed to do the correct job. After our low pressure roof and exterior cleaning, this home was restored to a new condition free of a moldy...
  13. ksroofs

    Ocean Pines Roof Cleaning

    Here is a job that we did today for my families real-estate company.. House is now for sale in Ocean Pines MD and has a clean roof!
  14. ksroofs

    Roof Cleaning Chincoteague VA

    This home was one of 3 roof cleanings that we completed today in the early spring in, Chincoteague Virginia. Roof cleaning has been off to a great start so far! Check out our blog at Roof Cleaning MD,De,VA
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    Roof Cleaning Trailer Setup

    Check out the improved setup, all back together in time for work tomorrow!
  16. ksroofs

    Roof Cleaning trailer floor

    Got bored today and ready to start cleaning!! So I put a new floor in the trailer and set up my little roof rig..
  17. ksroofs

    Storm damage?

    Anyone else get hit by the storm? We had 70mph winds and the flooding was horrible.. I got lucky our house and trucks are fine.. The shop lost 2 roof panels though Here are some pic, one of my roof.. The other of the inlet parking lot, then after when they are trying to clean it off
  18. ksroofs

    Blue Angels

    If any of you are into airshows, or have ever wanted to see the blue angels then this is for you! The blue angles lost alot of funding this year and the number of shows got cut.. But there coming to my hometown this summer!! The show is awesome and its free! You just bring a beach chair and your...
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    anyone used the no water wasted unit?

    Hey guys, Right now we currently specialize in roof and exterior cleaning all with low pressure, but I live in a very large resort area, lots of restaurants and a ton of hotels, along with alot of dirty gas stations.. Looking to expand my company into the flat-work industry, and the...